Rot girl winter or new year, new you? How you ‘should’ spend second semester in Glasgow

An in-depth look into two trends which have come about in 2024

As the new year begins and the holiday season comes to a close, many people face the task of choosing a lifestyle for the next 364 days. Gyms increase their advertising efforts, workout wear brands offer post-holiday discounts, and influencers advocate for achieving the coveted “summer body”.

This kind of talk may seem familiar, dating back to childhood memories of mothers doing Pilates in the living room on January 1st, proclaiming “New year, new me”. However, for a significant portion of society, such changes in routine may not be desirable or expected. Fasting, setting resolutions, making plans, creating mood boards, and other similar tasks may feel like a burden to some.

But you still go to the gym and buy a membership to go with your friends, sign up for a running club (you’re not a good runner and you have the lungs of a chain smoker), go to a pottery workshop and make other short-sighted financial transactions that seem more like a chore than something organic to your character.

We’re ashamed to admit to friends and others that the magic lever counting down to the beginning of 2024 hasn’t been flipped. You still promise yourself that you will try out new running shoes, go to yoga in the pouring rain at eight in the morning and your grocery basket looks like a feeding trough for a hoofed animal (you run to Sainsbury’s around the corner 10 minutes before closing to grab a Nutella).

Pressure from your friends and social media makes you believe that a normal relaxing weekend at home is “rotting” – a newfangled slang for overindulgence.

Some would say that the term “rotting” is another spit from the capitalist corporate machine at the feet of working people who are just trying to relax, others would say that the term “rotting” comes from long periods of lack of basic self-care due to depressive episodes or some other fashionable mental disability that will be showcased on TikTok with Ethel Cain’s song in the background.

I would say that it’s a mixture of both, plus our impeding self-loathing for not being productive and proactive members of modern society.

This fear of being judged and deemed lazy made us all believe that simple rest, the rest that our body requires to properly function now equates to body decomposition We make excuses to spend a day cuddled up in bed, and we lie about already starting the 75 Hard and we can’t quite manage the workload that comes with the second semester. It is crucial to understand that true productivity only comes when we work at our own pace, without any unnecessary pressure.

A good old treadmill run is only good if you are motivated and inspired to move your body. A new ceramic pot no matter how clumsy and crooked it is will only be a good decoration if you are willing to spend the money and time to craft it. It is impossible to hate and urge yourself into the “new you”.  Nourish your soul, eat that last pizza slice, have that little brunch with a friend, sleep in, and watch a movie you want to!

Nourish your body, take a longer shower, marvel at your physical form no matter “fit” or not, go to the gym, and put yourself out there but only do that if you want to, only do that if it is your earnest decision. When they say “rotting girl winter”, I say “resting girl season”.

When they say “new year new me (new body, new personality etc.), I say “New year, lovely me”. You are not a rot, you are human so take your time and give yourself some grace. You’ve made it this far and you are capable of doing even better by yourself!

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