Six ways to procrastinate exam season in Bournemouth

We’ve all mastered the art of “productive” procrastination

During Christmas break, you keep telling yourself that you’ll revise for your exams when the holiday season is over, and then after New Year’s. The clock starts ticking, and before you know it, you’re one week away and, in the blink of an eye, one day away from your exam.

Here’s a quick list of the six ways to procrastinate during exam season. If you are a Bournemouth University student, you must have done at least one of the following.

Dylan’s Bar

You can’t study on an empty stomach, so what a better way to start a long day in the library than eating in Dylan’s Bar, where you can eat and drink whatever you want and even play a game of cheeky pool.

The arcade 

The best way to let all your anger, rage, and built up frustration is to visit the arcade. You’ll be doing something that seems productive because it’s so competitive, and yet gets you absolutely nowhere. Except 20 quid deep. Be careful out there!

The beach

When you’re feeling stressed and hectic, try taking a relaxing walk on the beach to get your steps in or to even clear your mind, so let go and rest while watching the lovely sunset. One of the many perks of Bournemouth University is its location, so don’t forget take advantage of it.


Also dangerously near is the beloved Odeon cinema. A trip to the movies is always a good way to take your mind off things, unwind, and escape from the real world. Those plush seats are just too tempting to resist.


You say you’ll revise in your bed because it’s more comfortable than your desk. But with your cosy blankets, fairy lights twinkling, and your mouse hovering over Netflix, you cant help but give yourself a 30 minute break. Inevitably, that 30 minute break turns into “another episode won’t hurt” and “just one more.” Before you know it, you’ve binged the entire season of Friends, but do you regret any of it? No!


Is there a better way to spend the night after a long day in the library? The subsequent day of painful hangxiety is a great excuse to write off those study sessions. But with all your hard work revising, you deserve a night out.

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