Here’s which romcom you should watch this Valentine’s based on your Exeter situationship

Don’t spend this Valentine’s Day crying over an Exetah boy

Exeter situationships come in all variations, and a student city like ours comes with some vibrant characters. We’ve all changed our route around campus to see a crush, gotten nervous when our favourite classmate walks in, or maybe even given our TP cups to a special someone. It’s probably time to ghost your Daniel Cleaver and go find yourself in Italy like Julia Roberts, but while there’s still another term to go, these films will have to do.

Situationships exist at every university, so what makes Exeter’s so special? For one, you’ll always see him on a night out. Secondly, he has a mullet, a Schöffel, and 20 other girls in his DMs. Also, most brutally, he definitely isn’t taking you to The Ivy for Valentine’s Day (hence you’re reading this article). Sounds great, right? So, if you haven’t quite found your Colin Firth, here’s a list of movies you can watch while you wait for him to come along.

On again, off again vibes: Anyone But You

This brand new film hit cinemas with a bang after public controversy over Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s suspected relationship. If anyone can match this problematic couple, it’s you and your on again, off again man. You definitely live for the thrill of seeing him in Fever just to look the other way. Maybe you’re seeing other people, but in the end, it always comes back to you two. It’s probably time to let this one go, but if you just can’t seem to push those unhealthy thoughts away, pop down to Vue or Odeon and catch this movie – maybe even bring him along.

The guy you’re stringing along from home: (500) Days of Summer

I’m sure we’ve all entertained the guy from home while being at uni. Perhaps he was your crush from school, that guy in your friend group you never confessed your feelings to, or the heartthrob who peaked in year 11. You might see him for a drink over Christmas, and snapchat regularly, but now you’re out on the Exeter scene, the guys from home don’t dictate your life anymore – you might even have a new situationship that’s keeping you up at night. But, just like Summer hurt Tom, you could be hurting the guy waiting for you at home; while you’re knocking back Jägerbombs in TP, he’s waiting for a text to know you’re home safe. So, cosy up with 500 Days of Summer and give him a call or, unfriend him. Either way, give him an answer!

One sided: He’s Just Not That Into You

Now, this is a situationship we’ve all been in at one point. This movie is the biggest wake up call for the girls who believe delulu is the solulu, despite how “logical” we believe our theories to be. One Firehouse date doesn’t mean you’ll be together forever, no matter how much you like him. This film will teach you to unfollow him on Instagram, stop buying Wednesday TP tickets in the hope that you’ll see him there, and to study in a place you actually like, rather than the one you know he always goes to (it’s probably the Law Library). Learning your worth is tough in Exeter when you’re surrounded by four for £10 Jägerbomb deals, but I’d bet that Scarlett Johansson can teach you to love yourself!

Course crush: Bridget Jones’s diary

There’s nothing like study group romance, especially when your Daniel Cleaver still knows how to look irresistible in your 8:30am seminar. Just like Bridget, you are very happy to make your place of work as uncomfortable as possible for the slight chance anything will happen between you two. By crushing on your course mate, you’re now making it impossible to set foot on campus without looking like your hottest self, which is nearly impossible on a Thursday morning. I’ve been there, and let me offer you some advice – Exeter is small enough as it is, and you’ll regret making your circles even tinier once it doesn’t work out. So instead of living Bridget Jones’s mistakes, why not just watch them instead?

Right person, wrong time: Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie has to be one of the most frustrating romcoms of all time, and it’s because the right person, wrong time situationship is one of the most painstakingly difficult. As a third year student, I’ve seen too many of these around Exeter. You meet so many people across the course of your university experience, that you’ll probably find your soulmate over and over again. You might settle for another, just like Rosie, and it’ll take you years before you can finally be together. In Exeter, it could be as simple as meeting your match in the Fever smoking area only to leave without getting their number, or as bad as crying when your crush goes on a placement year and leaves you behind. To be honest, the rugby boy you’re losing your mind over probably isn’t the one, but we’ve all been there. It hurts knowing you’ve missed your chance with someone, but Love, Rosie serves as the greatest reminder that if it’s meant to be, it will be.

Booty call: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

With the invention of Hinge and Tinder, it has never been easier to find a booty call, especially with the overwhelming student population in Exeter. Under the illusion of social media, you can come across however you want – just like how Andie and Benjamin spend the entire film under false pretences, you’re probably hiding a lot of your true self from your hookup. A lot of people can leave a casual fling as just that, but if you’re one of those girls that sees a small chance for romance in everything, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days will give you that hope.

Roman Empire: La La land

I know you’re not over this one. You’ll be thinking about them until the day you collect your diploma, and maybe even after that. Whether you shared a Lafrowda flat or a night after TP Tuesday, this person keeps you up until the early hours of the morning. So, if your Roman Empire has had you up until the early hours crying into your post-night-out Subway, turn on La La Land this Valentine’s Day. There’s a high chance you’ll cry even more than you already have, but take solace in the fact that if Emma Stone can get over Ryan Gosling, you can get over the 4/10 brunette man who didn’t text you back.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the girls out there. Remember, it’s okay to be single, to not find the love of your life at uni, and to take things at your pace. Your match made in heaven might be just around the corner!

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