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From Compsci-core to Y2k: The Cambridge Tab editors get a fashion makeover

Letting our inner sidge girlies out

Last term, we found the perfect way to escape the Week Five blues. What’s better than some retail therapy? We were in luck and the GlassOnion’s vintage pop-up store was in town. It will be returning to Cambridge Saturday 10th February!

Soph’s makeover

I began the search for the ultimate depop girlie outfit optimistically. Laser-focused, I analysed the rails of clothing searching for the optimal outfit combo to complete my mission. However, I quickly realised that I just simply am not a depop girlie. I have tried to repress the voice in my head that shouts that skinny scarves are, in fact, impractical and ugly (arrest me). Yet I could not ignore that voice any longer. The horse jacket snapped me back to my true self and reminded me that I am… basic (*cue gasps of horror*).


But my mission didn’t end there – I was determined to find some items that I loved and I was surprised at the amount of sporty vintage hoodies and sweatshirts on offer. I ended up going for a simple blue Nike sweatshirt, for an absolute bargain price of £20.

just turn your head sideways x

Ok, ok – I get it, my purchases may seem underwhelming. Did I find a super cool, rare, sidge-core outfit? No. Did I find a couple of cute basic sweatshirts which I will wear all the time? Yes. Vintage can sometimes seem exclusive to the fashion icons who know exactly how to layer thirteen items of clothing and pair it with seven accessories, all of which clash – but in a cool way. I, however, do not fit this category. But this doesn’t mean I can’t shop vintage! I have avoided fast fashion AND bought another sweatshirt which I can pair with jogging bottoms and Crocs for the ultimate “one step above pyjamas” outfit which is my go-to for a 9am lecture. Success x

Kirsty’s makeover

Did somebody say y2k? There was an INSANE amount of y2k tops on the racks (and actually not from Shein!! which charity-shoppers know is a major annoyance these days). It felt like there was almost TOO much choice- I had to go through every single top to be absolutely sure I was getting the best one. Breathing heavily, sweating, losing consciouness by the rails… it was not a pretty picture. BUT I prevailed!! And found this Desigual top (the likes of which I’ve been eyeing up on Messina Hembry for aaaaages). Come on. It’s so cool (not to toot my own horn).

ignore the disgusting state of my shoes x

LT’s makeover

With the expert guidance of Kirsty and Sophie, it was time for my makeover. I traded in the corporate-branded T-shirt I snagged at the career fair for a more sidge-coded fit. Following, Kirsty and Sophie’s expert advice in their latest article, I checked out some funky belts. Trying something new, I swapped out my usual pair of jeans with a pair of green cord trousers and was excited to find that they fitted perfectly.

Am I sidge girlie yet?

Kirsty assured me the jackets all had humanities vibes, so naturally I had to check them out too. I already had way too many jackets so in the end, I chose a cute jumper to keep me warm in the freezing cold lecture theatre.

enough jackets?

With the fashion industry being one of the leading contributors to pollution and waste, vintage shopping offered a sustainable alternative. We were able to breathe new life into clothing that had been preloved and save it from ending up in a landfill whilst also finding a new outfit, amongst plenty of cute options the GlassOnion had on offer.