Here are the six best things to do with your besties for Galentine’s in Exeter

A rugby boy isn’t the love of your life – the girls are x

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it is easy for many of us singletons to feel left behind, or “singled” out by all the romance that goes into Valentine’s. When couples are parading around Sidwell Street with Poundland engagement rings that have been swiped out of their boxes by hopeless (and cheap) romantics, you may feel like you want to drink away the pain with a bottle of Echo Falls. But, all is not lost – just because Valentine’s Day is typically for couples, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate platonic love! That’s where the celebration of Galentine’s comes in. It’s a time where you and your besties can come together and celebrate one another’s love for each other. In a world full of hate why not spread the love with your friends? Spend time with those who are always going to support you (even if you are crying about the same guy for the third time in the Fever smoking area). Let’s be real: No one’s got you like your girls got you.

1. Brunch

Brunch is an all time favourite and a classic for any occasion. Everyone loves a cheeky brunch whether it’s just a coffee with a side of avo toast or a mimosa with a side of bottomless Prosecco. Brunch works anytime! You and your besties could head down to Turtle Bay’s classic bottomless brunch and enjoy unlimited cocktails for two hours. Or, head up to the Terrace where you can enjoy pancakes and cocktails for just £29.95. If you’re looking for just a brunch (hold the bottomless), there are many places to go in Exeter for a classic brunch. There’s Boston Tea Party or the Sacred Grounds or the boujie Undergrad Cafe next to The Depot. In Exeter, brunch is the holy grail for ALL students – the options are endless! But, if you and the girls want to save some money, why not try recreating your own brunch in the comfort of your own accom? Simply get all the essentials from your local supermarket and voila: your very own brunch to celebrate Galentine’s.

2. Cook or bake

A personal favourite of mine is to get creative with your besties. In Exeter, there are many places to go where you can release your inner artist and spend one to one time with your besties. I know for this Galentine’s, me and the girls are going pottery painting at The Jolly Pottery on Fore Street, making it both a fun activity and a new addition to our mugs, vases and bowls. If you’d prefer a crafty night in, try having a “paint and sip” night with your besties; get some art supplies and your favourite bottle of wine for you and the girls to share. Not only is this extremely wholesome, but it’s a nice way of enjoying one another’s time together – even if your artistic skills are somewhat questionable.

4. Cocktails

A classic way to celebrate Galentine’s and saying goodbye to toxic situationships you left behind in 2023: A cocktail night. In Exeter, there are many places to go for a little tipple or two and with student discounts to be found in many cocktail bars, Galentine’s can’t get any better. Head down to Gandy Street and try The Cocktail Club where they have happy hour every day of the week with two for one specials on their drinks. Also on Gandy Street, there’s the Coolings bar, which serves pizza and two for one cocktails, so it’s a bargain for you and the girls.

If you’re looking for a quirkier cocktail bar, try The Bootlegger down Fore Street. This bar is decorated as a 1920’s speakeasy with classical cocktails that make you feel like you’re in The Great Gatsby. Although you may not be living like Gatsby himself, you can still find the green light in your friendships. Or, if you’re looking for a more party vibe place, head down to Revolution on Queen Street. They also serve two for one cocktails with tasty food to wash down your Pornstar Martini (it’s all about balance). There are many more cocktail bars such as Artigiano, Pink Moon, and The Monkey Suit that will provide a good time for your Galentine’s. If you’re wanting to stay in but still want a boozy one, why not have a cocktail night in with your besties? From the TikTok trend, you could have an “Ex-inspired” cocktail night where each person makes a cocktail based on their ex (such as “Red Flag” for some vodka cranberry cocktails).

5. Romcom marathon

Another classic way to celebrate Galentine’s with your besties is a romcom marathon. You and your besties may be the type who just can’t help but love love. We get it – you’re a hopeless romantic at heart. Even though you may be single this Valentine’s Day, you can still enjoy your favourite films with your besties and laugh (or cry) at the soppiness. Gather up your besties, grab your blankets, your favourite snacks, put on a cosy fit and enjoy a night of love and romance (even if it is on the screen). From classic films like Four Weddings and a Funeral, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, The Notebook, When Harry met Sally and, a personal favourite, Bridget Jones’ Diary. The list is endless and these films are guaranteed to make you and your besties laugh, cringe and cry. There’s simply no better way to celebrate Galentine’s than enjoying a film marathon with your best friends!

6. Spa day/night