Your ultimate guide to watching the Six Nations tournament in Edinburgh

Guinness is a requirement, not an option

The Six Nations kicked off on 2nd February this year and a week into the tournament many of us are still on the hunt for the best places to get involved and watch the games.

Whether you have a passion for rugby (or simply love rugby boys) here are our top choices for watching the Six Nations in Edinburgh this year:

1. The Pear Tree

The Pear Tree is a staple pub for any sports lover at Edinburgh Uni. Showing a wide range of sports all year round, they have the perfect space for watching your favourite team win (or most likeky lose) the Six Nations this year. With plenty of outdoor seating and the biggest outdoor screen in the city, who wouldn’t want to come here and watch the rugby?

If that doesn’t tempt you – it’s right next to campus and offering student discounts and deals.

2. Three Sisters

Three Sisters is ideal if you’re looking for a lively (and probably very drunken) day of Six Nations viewing. Three Sisters has over 30 screens so you can really get up close and personal with your favourite rugby players and won’t miss any of the action.

They offer a student discount and the heart of Cowgate is a perfect place for pre-drinks before going out and celebrating your teams win.

3. Southsider

For a little bit more of a cosy atmosphere than our previous two choices, Southsider is the place for you if standing out in the cold is really not appealing. With plenty of indoor seating and screens everywhere, Southsider is great for grabbing a cheap pint and a bite to eat whilst watching the Six Nations.

(Watch out for the skinny scarves though as Southsider is a favourite with Pollock residents).

4. Malones

One for those not blessed to be living in the heart of Newington, Malones in the West End of the city is an Irish pub with a great atmosphere and plenty of deals for during the Six Nations. Near the tram station, Malones is a good choice for those lucky enough to be watching the rugby at Murrayfield and are looking for a takeaway pint to sip on their journey.

I would also recommend trying their “Tank Tennent’s”, far better than regular Tennent’s and only a little more expensive.

5. Dropkick Murphys

I would also recommend trying their “Tank Tennent’s”, far better than regular Tennent’s and only a little more expensive.

5. Dropkick Murphys

If you plan on getting a good view of the rugby, I’d suggest booking a table as Dropkick’s fills up FAST.

6. Brewhemia

A little more of a bougie option, Brewhemia near Waverley Station is ideal for watching the Six Nations and having some food whilst you’re at it. They offer a “Scrum & Scran” deal on match days, a great companion to a pint and have big screens.

There’s also live music, which is great to celebrate your teams win. For those less fortunate, their excellent selection of draft pints is sure to cheer you up.

6. Kitty O’Shea’s

When it comes to watching rugby, I think the Irish pubs do it best. With an incredible atmosphere, live music, and as as much Guinness as your heart desires, Kitty O’Shea’s is a brilliant spot in New Town to get stuck into the Six Nations tournament.

Kitty’s also has HD screens at every table, can it get much better than that?

8. Murrayfield

Finally on my list, which is not a pub but Murrayfield Stadium. If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, Murrayfield is the best place to be during the Six Nations. With an incomparable atmosphere (though dependant on if Scotland is winning), being able to see the rugby live and enjoy a pint in the stands is definitely a worth-while experience.

If you haven’t managed to secure tickets this year you can always try next! It is definitely something every Edinburgh student should experience at least once in their time here.