Flippin’ good: A guide to Pancake Day in Cambridge

Get ready for an insufferable amount of pancake puns x

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and it’s completely understandable if your love life isn’t panning out (see what I did there?) the way you envisioned. There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but Cambridge is a small pond, and all the fish seem to know each other. So, forget about Valentine’s Day, claim you are taking a stand against the consumerism that V-Day promotes, and start focusing on the really important days. February 13th is Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. It is easily one of the most significant days of the year and one of my absolute favourite annual events. If you’re not sure how and when to get your pancake fix, I have you covered x

Pancake Day prep

A trip to Mainsbury’s to pick up some pancake essentials is needed. If you’re a baker, then buy the ingredients (eggs, flour, milk), and if you are less of a Mary Berry then pick up some ready-made mix. Do NOT forget to secure toppings – I’m talking bacon, maple syrup, squirty cream, Nutella, lemon, sugar, berries etc. The thing with pancakes is that more is more. Get all the toppings x

Morning: Pancakes

Look, turning up to your 9am is a decision I respect. But what I respect more is a lie-in, and starting the day the right way. Breakfast pancakes with bacon and maple syrup are a perfect start. Don’t even think about claiming that you “can’t cook”. Pancakes require about three ingredients and I’m pretty confident you can read. So get googling and search for easy pancake recipes. And, if you’re too lazy for that, then just click here. If you’re feeling particularly creative you could try making the mini pancake cereal that I keep seeing online.

If you are not a major pancake person (*gasps*), then go for some eggy bread / french toast. I feel its pancake-adjacent, and so an acceptable meal to have on Pancake Day.

perfection x

Lunch: Pancakes

Swap the Arc panini for a savoury crepe from Crepe Affaire. Remember, you have time to have a sugar fix later, so I would probably go for a more savoury option for now. They have a range of options from fancy smoked salmon to a classic cheesy crepe.

Alternatively, Bill’s does bottomless pancakes. Yes, you read that right. Bottomless. ALL DAY LONG. And it gets even better… you can add bottomless prosecco from £18.50.

Tea/dinner: Pancakes

The great thing about pancakes is that they are gyp-friendly. Grab some bowls, grab some plates, grab some pans and create a super fun build-your-own pancake station for your friends. Bonus points if you make a heart-shaped pancake and mash Galentine’s and pancake day together xx

Also, is it really pancake day if it’s not a teeny tiny bit competitive?? Judge the best pancakes and criticise the worst.

If you’re feeling pancaked out, then at least have a wrap for tea. A fajita is like a pancake’s cooler cousin, so I will accept if you choose that instead.