From sweet to savoury: Here’s what each Lancaster college would put on their pancakes

Lemon and sugar girlies have their life together x

Pancake Day is upon us and we’re all mentally preparing for the smell of burning to scar our noses when our flatmates attempt to make pancakes from scratch after surviving on Pot Noodles for three months. There’ll be pancake-shaped stains on the ceilings, sugar sprinkled all over the countertops and Nutella-covered knives cluttering kitchen sinks: in other words, heaven.

Every college has its stereotypes, and we think those stereotypes make it particularly easy to guess the kinds of food that students are spending their student loans on. So, what better way to celebrate Pancake Day than guessing what toppings students from every college are most likely to put on their pancakes? From sweet to savoury, we’ve compiled all of our guesses right here.

Grizedale – Strawberries and Cream

Starting off strong, Grizedale is keeping it simple but classic on this Pancake Day. Strawberries and cream feel as fancy as all three floors of Grizedale’s bar, and would be perfect for eating in the outdoor seating area with a nice cocktail (as long as the weather gets slightly less miserable, of course).

Pendle – Blueberries

Blueberries are alright pancake toppings, but you wouldn’t exactly have them on their own. Similarly, Pendle is a fairly calm environment but there’s not really much going on, and honestly, it’s kind of hard to figure out where it actually is. It basically feels like Cartmel’s shy younger sister, so blueberries are the perfect topping for a Pendle pancake: They’re perfectly fine, but would be better with something a little extra.

County – Unidentifiable

Let’s face it, County are just grabbing whatever’s in their cupboards the day after Pancake Day because they forgot on the day of. On the off chance they do remember, the townhouses would become a disaster zone of burnt pancake remains and egg-covered floors (which they would forget to clean up). Most Likely To Set Off The Fire Alarm is an award made for this chaotic college – sincerely, a scarred County student.

Graduate – Lemon and Sugar

You’d batter believe that Graduate students have their lives together and no time for unnecessary antics, and lemon and sugar are the no-nonsense topping of their dreams.

Cartmel – Berries

It might just be the fancy en-suite accommodation, but Cartmel definitely feels like they would make a flippin’ good pancake. If they decide to celebrate Pancake Day, they’ll probably be posting aesthetic photos on Instagram of fruit and syrup-covered masterpieces: but, of course, that’s only if they have time before the long trek to their lectures.

Lonsdale – Cheese and Ham

A bit of a flop, just like Lonsdale bar.

Fylde – Protein Pancakes

As the widely-accepted “sporty college”, Fylde students would definitely add some protein powder into their pancake mix ready for their daily trip to the gym. If they’re feeling particularly fancy, you might see them adding some lemon or orange zest on top for an extra kick.

Furness – Jam

Simple and easy, Furness is comfortable with their topping choices. They’re probably the most calm college on Pancake Day, unlike the rest of us mortals who are emptying our cupboards to try and find eggs and leftover Nutella.

Bowland – Bacon and Eggs