No one at Cambridge actually cares about Valentine’s Day, tell me I’m wrong

No rest for the wicked – or the chronically single

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or just have too much supo work to worry about grand romantic gestures, I’m guessing your Valentine’s Day plans are understated to say the least.

In the words of my college wife, “Let’s be real, no one that goes to Cambridge has plans for Valentine’s Day.”

This got me thinking, does Valentine’s Day actually exist in Cambridge? Or is this the one time of year when you can truly see where the average Cambridge student’s priorities lie – with their academic success?

Academic validation instead of emotional investment

When considering the issue of whether Valentine’s Day truly exists in Cambridge, it is often best to go to the root of the issue – the students themselves. Whilst the typical uni student in Newcastle, Manchester, or London seems to have plenty of time for relationships, the never-ending piles of essays and worksheets seems to be holding Cambridge students back from this feat.

After all, why pursue a relationship when you could pursue a first?

My wife using her French reading as an excuse to ignore me </3

Love is not in the air

If you somehow manage to land a Valentine’s date, you’ll be hard-pressed to find somewhere to take them in Cambridge other than one of the three whole cinemas.

In my personal opinion, the overpriced restaurants geared towards tourists are a bit unrealistic for the average uni student, whilst the possibilities for alternative dates such as pottery painting aren’t exactly lying around every corner.

Yet another night in the college bar anyone?

To combat this venue fatigue, check out The Tab’s list of the top Valentine’s Day date ideas according to your Cambridge student vibe.

Galentine’s over Valentine’s

With the rise of the humble college femsoc in recent years, it seems to be the case that Cambridge students are beginning to favour their friends over their romantic partners, with an increasing number of friend-themed Valentine’s events popping up on termcards this Lent.

The look of love for your Galentines

Colleges such as Homerton and Girton have specific Galentine-themed events this week. So if you’re feeling the love for your closest mates this February, make sure not to miss them!

If you are to take anything from this article, you should allow yourself some time off this February to escape from your supo work, whether it’s for Valentine’s or Galentine’s. And what better way to do that than with chocolate and heart-shaped sweets?

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