From Whithworth Park to Northern Quarter: Everything to know about moving out (early)

You really don’t have to stick with it for a year…

The new year rolls around and with the excitement of getting into UoM I don’t even mind that there are eight days left before my flight and uni still hasn’t assigned me accommodation despite applying months in advance.

Just four days before, I finally get an email from accommodation but the nerves turn into horror when I see that I was assigned arguably the worst of the 21 halls.

Rather than spiralling I decided to give it a chance as despite it’s reputation and flatmate horror stories I had heard, Whithworth Park is also rumoured to be big and social which was exciting.

Without going into details let’s say it took less than two months for me to realise that this was not going to be my home for a year if I could help it and so the process of moving out began.

Here are my key takeaways:

1. Find a replacement before you move out

You will need to find a replacement before you can reach out to accommodation about moving out and that replacement has to be the same sex and level as you (ie. undergrad if you’re an undergrad and if you’re a postgrad it has to be a postgrad). This was the case at Whitworth at least.

Only in severe medical cases they will let you move out early if given appropriate evidence such as doctors notes and assessments that the accommodation is making your health worse. Your best bet to finding a replacement would be Facebook groups, word of mouth and if you’re feeling ballsy enough, then making an announcement in your lectures.

2. Keep all interactions with accommodation on university email

This is not only for your ease and a sense of formality, but incase accommodation comes for you down the line for rent or something (as they did with me) you have proof of your interactions and what was discussed at what date.

3. Don’t leave anything on assumption

Be completely clear with both your halls and private accommodation. Clarity is key as there’s a lot on the line and leaving anything on assumption or as a given could potentially cost you so better to be safe than sorry. Also, it may seem elementary but every party must be fully on board before you take any action.

4. Don’t sign the first lease you find out of desperation

I understand if you want to leave halls early you must not be in a great place (literally or mentally) but hastily signing the first lease you find could land you the same unhappiness as living in halls did. Negotiation with every party (including yourself) is necessary.

5. Don’t set up direct debit with accommodation or, if you have, double check that it’s cancelled before leaving

The university has over 40,000 students every year so cancelling your direct debit is probably not on top of their list of priorities. That’s is why you will need to hound them to make you’re its done – they should ideally send you proof or show you if you visited John Owens Building to do it in person.

6. Student Prime, charity shops & FB Marketplace are going to be your best friend

Assuming you’ve moved out and into an empty or semi-furnished place, groups such as “Free stuff Manchester” & “Free stuff in Manchester” on Facebook are going to be your best friend. Thank me later.

7. Be supremely organised

Start to finish of the process you need to be onto of your game and ideally have everything in place well in advance before the next stage of the process. Also don’t overestimate your abilities or finances because of being caught up in the moment (less is not more here). Make sure you have sufficient finances, make sure you have friends/movers before the day, make sure you don’t plan to do too much on moving day etc.

8. Ideally do it on the weekend or when you have a few days off

You will need to have a clear headspace and a few days after to settle in and recover so make sure you give yourself adequate time for that.

9. Last but not least…don’t forget to change all your addresses

Although it is a little mundane to sit and sort through every website or party that has your address registered but trust me your future self will thank you.

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