How to spend Valentine’s Day solo in Durham and not lose your mind

Don’t worry my fellow Durham singletons, we’ve got this…

It’s that time of year again. What’s that, “Summative season”, I hear you cry? Well yes, but no. As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, those of us without plans are once again forced to act enthusiastic when our lucky-in-love mates gush about their dinner plans at Spags and picnics on Observatory Hill. As a seasoned expert at spending Valentine’s single in Durham, I know a thing or two about surviving it – here’s your guide to keeping your sanity this Valentine’s Day.

1. Hit the books, not the bars

It can be tempting to drown your sorrows in college drink concoctions on days like this, but we must remember that this year, Valentine’s Day is literally on a Wednesday – go to your lectures first and foremost (you’ve got nothing better to do). Take the high road and let yourself feel smug that you’re “taking your degree seriously”, not that you just don’t have plans…

2. Embrace your Delulu era

If you’re feeling hopeful, why not scroll through Tindur submissions professing love at first sight for someone they saw walking across Elvet bridge in cowboy boots, or running across the Science Site at 4am? Maybe you will recognise one of them as you, and your problem is solved. But that’s unlikely, so at least let it convince you that meet-cutes still happen, love isn’t hopeless, and Durham Hinge (the absolute trenches that it is) isn’t your only hope.


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3. Treat yourself!

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”. Use the day as an excuse to love yourself whole heartedly and allow yourself a sweet treat or two. Now, you might want to avoid Flat White lest you are mobbed by sourdough munching couples on brunch dates between seminars. Instead, take a trip up to Claypath Deli and indulge in a Nutella sweet bun (trust me), or a focaccia if you’re feeling fancy. And the best part? Nobody else to pay for. That’s right, we’re saving 50 per cent on everything today. That’s girl math.

4. Stock up your snack drawer

If you plan your day right, all of the unpurchased Valentine’s Day chocolate will be reduced by around lunchtime. Swing by Tesco to replenish your stock of mid-summative treats. I mean the good stuff that’s usually too expensive too: Ferrero Rochers, Lindts, those fancy seahorse ones that nobody knows the name of, go crazy. You could even bring some home and share with your equally single housemates, and have your Bridget Jones moment sat in your kitchen in pyjamas while going to town on a Cadbury Milk Tray.

6. Dinner’s on you

The best part of being single? Nobody to JUDGE you. The only person you’re cooking for tonight is yourself, so feel no shame about your peculiar tastes and whether they’ll give someone the ick. Mayonnaise in your noodles? Go for it. Spag bol toastie? Sounds good to me. Plate full of Yorkshire puddings with a side of hot sauce? I’ve seen it done. Take pride in your culinary experiments, and feel lucky you can indulge without judgement. Tonight, some poor soul out there is pretending they like mushrooms to look mature… couldn’t be us.

7. Go all out for Galentine’s 

If you’ve got some time on your hands to plan ahead (and a group of willing, single participants), throw your own Galentine’s party. Order some pizza, get the break-up anthems on the speaker, and revel in your singleness. Choose a wholesome activity that will make your Instagram story viewers jealous like painting wine glasses or making your own Valentine’s cards to give each other. Last year, we even made up our own cocktail: “No Sex on the Beach” –  get it? If you’re doing it right, you’ll forget your crushing loneliness by 9pm.

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is just another day in February – the origins are actually pretty grizzly too, if that makes you feel better (look it up).

If you’re single today, try to have some fun with friends, but at the very least be kind to yourself. And save some of that reduced chocolate for me.

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