All of the Love Island: All Stars cast members’ business ventures that flopped hard

AKA, here’s the reason they had to go back in the villa

From clothing collections to chart-topping music, it’s a well-known fact that Love Island contestants often go on to launch successful businesses. Tragically, however, we can’t all be Molly Mae (as hard as half of IG may try), and the All Stars cast list basically comprises all the islanders who weren’t as successful in their side hustles. Here are the failed business ventures that meant these contestants had to come back a second time in order to keep the lights on: 

Georgia Steel’s acting career

This self-proclaimed “loyal” babe (debatable) had already appeared in a couple of TV shows as a youngster. In CBBC’s ‘All At Sea’ she portrayed Amanda Bryce, a self-obsessed mean girl who thrives off of male attention- do you think they forgot to tell her she doesn’t have to stay in character? 

However, in 2021 she gave acting another whack after her time in Love Island, using her famous catchphrase to star in an advert for- wait for it- Mcdonald’s. The idea was for Georgia to promote the McCafe loyalty card, calling herself the “McDonalds VP of Loyalty”. Although we must admit that whoever was on the marketing team was pretty clever to link this islanders’ catchphrase to a promotional Maccies scheme, Georgia’s acting career has not progressed since. That is, if you don’t count that night with Callum in the hideaway as acting. 

Anton Danyluk’s self-help book

In 2021 the Scottish gym buff released his book: 50 Steps to the Best Version of Yourself. Full of personal anecdotes and top tips, the book claims to help you “feel good about yourself every day”. Due to its mere 9 Amazon reviews, we can’t imagine this venture was a massive economic success, however the feedback is mostly positive! Go Anton’s ghostwriter!

Though it was hardly a New York Times bestseller, we reckon Anton’s doing just fine, especially after encountering his soulmate in the All Stars villa (we’re of course referring to Craig David, not Georgia Harrison). 

Georgia Harrison’s gymwear line

Speaking of Georgia, the Essex hun launched her activewear brand ‘GHX Style’ in 2018. The online store included a range of gym sets in different colourways. However, due to audacious prices and lack of originality (we’re talking 30 quid for a pair of leggings that look like the type of thing you’d get drop-shipped from AliExpress), the business ultimately folded in 2022.

Georgia has spoken out about brands dropping her after ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear released their sex tape without her consent, however has recently dedicated herself to sexual consent campaigns and documentaries. She’s also responsible for the law around revenge porn changing, making it easier for victims to get justice. Who needs a gymwear ecommerce empire when you can change the world?

Eve and Jess Gale’s crypto ad

Call them Elon Musk the way these blonde bombshells are giving crypto bros a run for their money. Just kidding. Although the twins did dip their toe into the finance world, partnering with a brand to promote investing in cryptocurrency, they came under fire from the Advertising Standards Authority for trivialising the topic and neglecting to inform their audience about the risks involved.

Tbh, Jess did literally say that crypto investment was  “basically a super quick, easy way of making extra money from your phone”. Needless to say the girls stopped posting these ads, likely out of fear of legal action. We’d rather see these VIP hostesses in Mayfair than Canary Wharf anyway. 

Molly Smith’s fitness page

This Mancunian beauty launched her IG fitness page @_movewithmol_ in August last year, announcing in her first post that she had taken a personal training course in preparation. “I’ll be filming workouts and posting them very soon” she promised, although the account only has 6 posts, half of which are ads for a treadmill, and the other half selfies.

As of right now the account seems a bit of a ghost town, with the most recent post dating back to last November and having only 100 likes. However, Molly’s now coupled up with Tom Clare in the All Stars villa, and if his season’s heart rate challenge is anything to go by, she won’t need cardio to get her blood pumping. 

Jake Cornish’s DJ career

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Jake Cornish’s sudden interest in becoming a DJ. Taking on the spirit of every male Leeds Uni student who’s told you he’s “not ready for a relationship”, the season 7 star announced that he is pursuing DJ-ing, and plans to drop a number of house tracks.

This came very quickly after Jake’s brief 3 day stint in the All Stars villa, and therefore raises some questions about whether he went in to find a “gurlfriend” or simply to spread the word about him being the next Fred Again. It feels preemptive to call this one a flop just yet, however judging by the memes that have arose from Jake’s DJ video it doesn’t look as if his music career will be taken very seriously. It has, however, provided us with some hilarious TikToks such as this one:


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