Here are 10 things for single people to do in Edinburgh this Valentine’s Day

Lord knows there are quite a few of you

Well, there you have it – it’s here. With it comes flowers, chocolates, fancy dinners (and my birthday). Valentine’s Day is the day for couples to be more in your face than ever before.

But you don’t need a date to enjoy today – it’s the day of love, not the day to lament what went wrong in your last relationship. Being single is great too, so here are 10 things you can (must) do as a single person this Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh.

1. Spa day

Ultimate relaxation. Go to a massage parlour, or a spa with your friends, or alone, up to you. Even better, gather in your flat and put sheet masks on each other. Put on some nice music and make something of it.

2. Write a letter (or more)

I believe we’ve all watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Write a letter to the people you’ve loved. The ones you still love. The ones you might love but aren’t really sure about because there are vibes but are there really? Write them on fancy paper or loo roll if that’s what they deserve. Put them in a nice box or just somewhere out of sight. Have fun with it.

3. Go clubbing

Ah, the quintessential student experience. When in doubt, go to the club. Honestly, it’s just so much fun being out and about and dancing with your friends. Clubs love Valentine’s Day. You love Valentine’s Day. Dress to the nines, put on one of those colour coded wristbands, and dance your socks off (do people still say that?).

4. Watch rom-coms

I won’t lie to you – this is what I’ve done pretty much every year. There’s something special about those late 90s to early 2010s romcoms that stirs your heart. Nothing beats Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day, but really, options are endless. Pop some popcorn and grab some snacks and a blanket.

5. Buy flowers

Who said you need a date to get pretty flowers? Part of Valentine’s Day’s beauty is in the floral array. Buy some for yourself and maybe even for your friends. Pretty up your flat, throw the petals in the bath: happy days.

6. Brunch at Laila’s

I have not been incentivised to suggest this. Think pink. Think Valentine’s Day. Book a brunch at Laila (Cockburn Street or New Town) because it’s honestly the best brunch I’ve eaten, and the setting is perfect for that Valentine’s Day feel. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

7. Bad luck ritual

If you’ve watched Friends you’ll have seen that episode when Phoebe, Rachel and Monica do that ritual to get rid of negative energy from their previous relationships. Do it. Just… try not to set fire to anything.

8. Friends’ night

An absolute classic. Do a potluck or cook together with your friends – like I said, Valentine’s is about the people you love. Crack open a bottle of wine if you drink, eat a bunch of macarons and bake a dessert.

9. Blind date

This is for those who want to be in a relationship but aren’t. Is your friend begging you to let them set you up with someone? Do you want to enjoy Valentine’s Day but don’t know who with? Try out a blind date, and who knows? Maybe next year you’ll be reading up on Valentine’s Day ideas for couples!

10. Have an anti-Valentine’s Day

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about those of you that just hate Valentine’s Day. “It’s a capitalist movement!” or “It’s a cash grab!”. Be that as it may, why not celebrate not celebrating? Get yourself one of those cakes that you stab. Dress in anti-love colours (black maybe?); make anti-Valentine’s Day food. Watch horror movies. Or make the strongest statement you can: go about your day as usual. How’s that sound?

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