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Crepe or crap? We rated Lancaster Uni students’ pancakes

The Lancs classic is back and better than ever for 2024

Pancake Day is back and so are we. The annual “Lancs Tab rates your pancakes” is here and it’s safe to say we have had some interesting-looking pancakes sent in this year. With Pancake Day and Valentine’s so close together this year, there’s even more reason to go all out for the Valencake celebrations.

Students and pancakes are not always the best combo. We don’t have the best reputation in the kitchen, especially when we’re only used to making pasta or toast. I’m going to admit that I set my pan on fire, but hey, let’s hope your pancakes turned out better than mine.

We have a good range of crepe and crap this year – Lumpy pancakes? Savoury pancakes? Beans on pancakes? Lancs students are really pulling out all the stops. So, let’s get on with rating these pancakes, and we’ve silently judged your plates too.

The savoury one

Controversial, but we admire you for not choosing a basic sweet topping. We think bacon is a nice addition to your pancakes, however, we’re unsure about the scrambled egg. We wouldn’t eat this, but can’t wait to see your quirky toppings next year.

Rating – 5/10

S’mores pancake

When we say we want to see s’more creativity with the pancakes, this is exactly what we mean. WOW! Just wow!  Love the fact they’re on a stick, we can’t say we’ve ever seen that before, so extra points for the presentation. This is the creme de la creme of pancakes.

Rating – 10/10

The lumpy one

Hmmm. Where to begin with this one? Did you still eat it? We’re not too sure how this pancake could look any worse. We suppose you could slather Nutella on it and no one would know. But we have seen underneath the Nutella, so for that reason, we’re judging you harshly.

Rating – 1/10

The fruity stack

We love everything about these pancakes – strawberries, bananas, blueberries, mwah! The stack looks thickkk and it’s nice to see American-style pancakes, rather than crepes for once. These pancakes look delicious and filling, which is always important. (We’ll just ignore the fact that the creator of these pancakes said they were raw in the middle).

Rating – 10/10

The spread

What a spread! We wish we had a flatmate like you because it would be a dream coming home to these pancakes.  The range of spreads is perfection, you’ve also thought through the fruit toppings and the pancakes themselves look golden, so gold stars all round for you.

Rating – 8/10

BEANS, yes baked beans on a pancake

Baked beans are a love or hate, and this pancake is exactly that. We’re afraid we are going to have to side with the hate on this one. But, in your defence maybe it tastes better than it looks. Literal abomination.

Rating – 3/10

Fresh and fruity

Those strawberries look unreal. The toppings are slightly basic, but you can’t beat Biscoff and strawberries on a pancake. What a health queen as well with the amount of strawberries on here.

Rating – 8/10

The bagel?

Is that a pancake or a bagel? Very confused by this one. It looks like it’s had a hole bitten out of it. Because it’s burnt and there are no toppings, we can’t give this any higher than a five, and even that would be pretty generous, sorry xoxo.

Rating – 4/10

The snazzy one with ice cream