Here are the best places to cry on UoN campus as a bitter singleton this Valentine’s Day

If you are going to cry, you might as well cry in style

As a recently single girly, Valentine’s Day is a daunting concept and one that I would rather avoid. Although not having a partner to spend it with is not the be all and end all and actually some people prefer it this way, I certainly feel the most lonely when Valentine’s Day comes around. Whilst my other single friends would surely be up for Galentine’s, sometimes you just need a good cry to let out all your emotions.

Uni does not care that it’s valentines though, so if you’ve found yourself with a day full of lectures and seminars and need somewhere in between to be able to take a minute and let the tears flow then don’t worry. Campus is massive meaning there are plenty of places to take yourself to and cry in private. Here are all the best places to cry on University of Nottingham’s campus this Valentine’s:

The stepping stones

The stepping stones are located at the far end of Highfields it’s in a more secluded area of campus, so pretty ideal if you don’t want to be spotted mid sob. There are some lovely benches nearby where you can sit in peace and mourn your love life. Who doesn’t love to be surrounded by nature when life is getting you down? The stillness of the water combined with the trees make for a perfect spot. Just be careful and make sure you wipe away those tears before you attempt to cross to the other side.

Trent Building

The Trent building is undeniably one of the most picturesque buildings on campus as well as offering great views oh Highfields down below. Although beautiful I’m sure we can all agree that it one of the most confusing places on campus and if you love life doesn’t make you cry this year trying to find your class might just do the trick.

There’s plenty of nooks and crannies that you can find in the building to sneak yourself away in and have a five minute sob. Just hope that you can find your way out again.


There’s plenty of nooks and crannies that you can find in the building to sneak yourself away in and have a five minute sob. Just hope that you can find your way out again.


You can also have a game of pool or darts with some friends to take out your frustrations and just try and forget about what day it is.

Jubilee Lake

Not technically on main campus but still part of the uni all the same, the view of the lake on Jubilee Campus is another idyllic spot for a Valentine’s Day tear fest. With similar vibes to Highfields you might even find yourself with company with the ducks.

Jubilee also tends to be a lot quieter than University Park so you will be less likely to be spotted mid sob. If you get cold, you can take a walk into the library and continue crying from the comforts of a heated room.

Downstairs Portland toilets 

Whats  better than a good toilet to cry in during Valentines? The toilets in Portland are an ideal spot for a cry because doors go all the way to the floor and the sinks are in the cubicle so you don’t have to encounter another person at all. It actually might be the most private place on campus.

What’s even better is you can stop by in between lectures and still make your next class without any problems. What’s not to love?

The Downs

UoN students are blessed with a plethora of spots in nature to let out their stress and tears in the middle of a hectic day of lectures. The downs are no exception and even though it’s a little bit chilly at this time of the year, with the park benches scattered around the top it’s a fantastic space to cry your feelings out and admire the scenery at the same time.

Bring a book, you’re headphones and some snacks and you have a perfect solo picnic because who needs a love life? It’s also a great spot to people watch as many people use it as a cut through to get from one side of campus to the other.


The library is a popular crying spot regardless of what day it is, so why not kill two birds with one stone and combine your academic and Valentine’s sadness in one spot. From the silent study spaces on the upper floors to the toilet cubicles there are plenty of secluded corners to sit alone and let your feelings out.

You might also want to see it as an opportunity to become an academic weapon and get ahead of your work although I wouldn’t blame you if it just made the tears worse.

Mid lecture 

Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday so most of us still have class-as if Valentine’s wasn’t depressing enough as a singleton, now you have to wade through the endless amounts of couple sat together in your lectures.

But if you can find yourself at the back of the lecture theatre this is an ideal place to have a little cry. Hopefully you will have course mates you can cry with, who will also be wallowing in self pity.

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