‘He said I had low standards’: Here are Lancs students’ worst dating horror stories

Surely it can’t be worse than the Fylde ducks chasing after your food

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air and all you want to do is spend time with your loved ones whether that’s your significant other, best friends, family, or Isaac from Sultans. For some people, meeting that certain someone is not so straightforward, and finding that happily ever after can become a disaster. Most of us have been there and had some nightmare stories of meeting someone and we immediately wish we ‘d swiped left. Here are the top Valentine’s horror stories that Lancaster students shared, for all you Valentine’s Day haters.

‘Met someone, didn’t work out, ghosted them, and now I see them everywhere on campus’

It’s a given fact that once you know someone at Lancaster Uni, you’ll see them constantly around campus, whether you like it or not. When a date doesn’t go to plan or you’re disinterested in someone, ghosting seems like the best resort but when you are standing in that Gregg’s queue, you’ll inevitably see them. Maybe creating a new identity (hoodie and sunglasses) will have you sorted and you will be unrecognisable.

‘My last relationship ended because I got a haircut and he saw me differently’

This absolutely depends on the extent of your haircut, to be honest. No partner should end a relationship because of this, so maybe it was best to cut ends. The last thing you want to do is dye from embarrassment because of your partner’s judgmental behaviour.

‘Drinking a whole bottle of prosecco and literally ran away from going to Sugar with him’

Even though on a night out the bubbles may look appealing, you have to make sure it doesn’t make your sober thoughts pop out of your head. I’m sure that run will have helped ease the hangover, hopefully. If not, at least you got your steps in.

‘A guy came from Wales to see me for a weekend only to leave early. His reason was that he thought I had ‘low standards’ after accusing me of flirting with a French catholic convert Tory (I was not).’

Well, that just sounds like his problem. Clearly, the guy wasn’t representing the Welsh dragon but the Welsh snake. You know, it was probably a blessing in disguise he left because you don’t need any accusations on the first date.

‘An awkward meal with a Hinge date led to faking an emergency’