The five best places to find your future partner as an Edinburgh student

Love can be found in even the most unlikely places (the Why Not dance floor)

With Valentine’s Day in full swing, many of us are still searching for that special someone to share the day with. Lots of our parents met whilst at university and it’s often thought of as a breeding ground for young love.

If you’re finding it hard to balance uni work with meeting your future spouse, worry not, I’ve compiled a list of five spots in Edinburgh that you may not have thought of in your hunt for romance.

And according to a Knowledge Academy survey nearly 17 per cent of Edinburgh Uni students end up marrying their uni partner. With that in mind here are five underrated places to find the love of your life:

1. Fourth floor of the library

Nothing screams romance like the fourth floor of the library. Something about the slightly foreboding silence makes it the perfect place to procrastinate your work by fantasising about your crush and maybe even submitting them for Match Making Monday. Rather than pining over the top of your laptop, I dare you to pass them a note asking them to join you for a study break. So much sexier (and less terrifying) than asking someone out in person.

2. At a ceilidh

There’s nothing sexier than dancing with your crush to the Dashing White Sergeant. What better excuse to hold hands with the person you fancy than using an ancient Scottish dance to flirt? Plus, everyone looks better in a ball gown or suit.

Bonus points if your ceilidh is at a venue like The Caves with plenty of cosy cubby holes you can escape off to post dance.

3. Your lecture

Yes it’s cliché, but there’s nothing more thrilling than having a lecture crush. Whether it means you spend a little more time on your outfit in the morning or longer than necessary packing up some stuff at the end of the lecture in the hope of getting to speak to them, having a lecture crush gives your day a certain sense of purpose.

4. At a society social

Everyone loves a bit of society-cest. Especially when it causes major disputes and drama for the rest of the society. But that aside, there are few things more exciting than a cheeky snog with someone you have to see several times a week. You may regret it with your entire being the next morning, but for the plot – it’s worth the hangxiety. Even better if you can nepotism your way onto the committee by getting with the president or secretary!

5. Flat-cest

Last but definitely not least, flat-cest remains an iconic staple of student living. After all, why be friends with your flatmates when you could sleep with them instead? Even more toxic and chaotic than society-cest, getting with your flatmate is a sure fire way to make everyone else you’re living with incredibly uncomfortable and cause a multitude of flat arguments.