Clubbers of the week: Kicked out of Hive in Week Five

If you went to Hive on Valentines I hope you got dumped x

Happy reading week! I hope this week’s clubbers will be using their time wisely because from the looks of it… not a lot of studying was going on in Week Five (unless you count studying the human anatomy *wink wink*)

Stunner of the Week


A girl like you is too pretty to be spending her Saturday nights at Potterow

Runners up

Drop a cheekbone tutorial right this second.

Call me crazy but I THINK it’s this stunner’s birthday

Not a single one of you missed in this picture

These outfits ate so much I heard that these ladies ended up in a food coma

Creeper of the Week


Uh oh I think Timothee has spotted a peach across the dance floor…

Runners up

I think you’ve taken the phrase ‘devil on my shoulder’ a bit too far

Clubbers of the Week is proud to present you with an exclusive deleted scene from the hit Netflix show ‘You’:

I think bro in the back is the other woman

An accurate depiction of my deadlines sneaking up on me


Wanker of the Week


If the last word on that shirt is ‘look’, I’m going to need you to burn it.

Runners up

There is only one wanker in this picture and I’ll give you a hint – he’s not wearing a shirt

Law boys default into this category I’m afraid

BAN men with caps in clubs

I stand by my point.

Hero of the Week


I wonder how many couples he broke up this Valentines’…

Runners up

I hope everyone’s reading week looks like this

How did you sneak that past the bouncer…

I would let these men hold my drink.

He’s got the guy on the right mesmerised with his immaculate vibes

Heroine of the Week


If this woman has zero fans, then I am dead.


If this woman has zero fans, then I am dead.


And this… is exactly what I mean by that

Runners up

How much do you want to bet these two met on the night?

This is my Superbowl

I don’t think that’s the type of cake you’re meant to eat…

“Mom I want you to meet my online girlfriend”

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


There is so much spite behind those eyes

Runners up

No seriously, I hope the guy in the centre is watching his back

(Guys this is the part of the song where you put up your hands)

He may be frowning but that moustache is smiling

May be an image of 4 people and text

Has anyone checked in on the guy in the middle???

Album cover of the week


Subway is giving the Jazz bar a run for its money

Runners up

This may not be an album cover but it does look like a spotify ad for live gigs

When are we getting this rom-com on our screens?

There is something so beautiful about this that it almost makes me forget how icky Cowgate is

That hair flick!!

Best of the Rest

You weren’t creeper this week, but don’t worry, there is always space for you in these posts

Tom Hiddleston??? Is that you??

Me looking at my roster after Valentine’s day (I have zero guys on my roster)

Well that makes one of us!

WHAT is going on behind the camera???

How I’ll be after I get these stupid midterms out the way

Number 69 reveal yourself.

It’s murder on the dancefloor…?

Not a single person in this photo is on the same wavelength and I love it.

And finally… point at the person who spent Valentines’ day alone!

Photographer Credits

Tracey Largue: Big Cheese

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Thomas Image Photography: The Hive