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Here’s the ultimate guide to the best hot chocolate in York

Hot chocolate lovers, this one’s for you

Perfect on a cold and rainy winter’s day or as a treat to keep you going throughout your long study sessions, hot chocolate is understandably a popular choice among students. However, with an abundance of cafes in York, have you ever found yourself wondering where to find the best hot chocolate? If so, you’re in luck. Here are five of the most popular cafes in York rated based on how enjoyable the hot chocolate was, providing you with a definitive guide to the best hot chocolate in York.

Drift-In – 8/10

Drift-In is a favourite among students and certainly lives up to its reputation. As the most affordable hot chocolate on this guide, with their student discount bringing the price down to £2.70, Drift-In is hard to fault. With a rich, chocolatey taste topped with beautifully poured froth, there’s not much more you could want from a hot chocolate. Combine this with the lively, surfing-inspired atmosphere, Drift-In earns an 8/10.

Plush – 4/10

With three highly decorated rooms, Plush is undoubtedly the most insta-worthy cafe in York. Picture perfect flowers surround the space, and you might even find yourself perched on a swing (fingers crossed for no accidental spills). However, when it comes to the main event (the hot chocolate) Plush Cafe is a bit underwhelming. It lacked the rich, chocolatey taste you would expect from a hot chocolate, earning it only a 4/10. £3.30 for a watery hot chocolate? No, thank you.

However, don’t write Plush Cafe off completely. Whilst I wouldn’t rush back specifically for the hot chocolate, the overall atmosphere of Plush makes it worth a visit, perhaps to try one of the rainbow bagels they have to offer.

Cocoa Joe’s – 9/10

As a cafe dedicated to chocolate, this guide would not be complete without a visit to Coca Joe’s. With an extensive selection of white, milk and dark hot chocolate, there is something for everyone. They even allow you to sample their chocolates, ensuring you find the perfect hot chocolate for you.

With a map displaying precisely where the chocolate they use comes from, it truly feels like you’re getting an authentic hot chocolate experience. Whilst it may not be the cheapest with drinks ranging from £4 to £6, the student discounts and loyalty schemes in place makes it worth the occasional indulgence, earning Coca Joe’s a 9/10 and the top spot on this guide!

Spring Espresso – 6/10

While lacking the speciality hot chocolate options of Coca Joe’s or the Insta-worthy interior offered by Plush, Spring Espresso is simple but effective. Having recently renovated its Fossgate branch, Spring Espresso offers a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a study session with a hot chocolate. Reasonably priced at £3, their hot chocolate is sweet, warming and perfect for a winter’s day, earning it a place in the middle of the list with a 6/10. Very reliable.

Brew and Brownie – 5/10

Located just beyond the Minster, Brew and Brownie has become a student favourite in York. With my anticipation raised by the long queue outside its doors and its inviting rustic interior, my expectations were high. However, I was disappointed. Whilst warm and comforting, as any hot chocolate should be, it was nothing special. At an extortionate £4.20 a tear of disappointment was brought to my eye. It was a crime against humanity. Definitely not worth it. Call me controversial, but Brew and Brownie just didn’t compare to others on the list, earning them a 5/10.

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