Sultan’s, bad music and the Sugarbus: Things guaranteed to happen on a Lancs night out

The chaos of the Sugarbus is a completely unique experience

A night out in Lancs can be a hit or miss, but it’s nothing if not eventful. Whether you’re “just going out for a few drinks” or staying in the club until it shuts, you’ll always have a story to tell afterwards. Lancs may be small, and you’ll likely bump into everyone you know, but that just adds to the chaos, right? A night out in Lancaster can be very repetitive, but with a choice of only three clubs to go to, the same things are guaranteed to happen if you’re going out at least twice a week.

If you haven’t experienced these things, are you really having fun on your night out?

Flat parties

At some point during your time at uni you will end up at a flat party, whether it’s a friend’s flat or a total stranger. This experience might be fun or it might be awkward, but it’s definitely not something you want to be sober at. Even if you’re not a lover of flat parties, you will have at least been to one in freshers.

Cold weather

When has there ever been good weather on a night out in Lancs? Never. It’s always a pain to pay for the cloakroom in the Sugar but sometimes it’s a must. We genuinely can’t remember the last time we went on a night out and it didn’t rain. Be prepared to look like a drowned rat by the time you get to Sugar, but don’t let it ruin your night, we’re sure you’ll warm up soon enough once you start dancing.


Spoons is a classic stop for a few drinks before going to the club, with the busy atmosphere and cheap drinks, you’re always guaranteed to get a good deal. Although table are usually hard to find, it’s always worth a try. Also, its a prime spot to make friends in the toilet.

Bad music

Sugar is notorious for its bad music and no matter who you speak to, they’re always happy to voice their opinion on how terrible it is. However, recently it has got a bit better, but for some reason they’re always playing the bangers in the front room. Come on Sugar, all we want is for you to play a bit of One Direction!

Seeing somebody you know

Lancs is a small city and you will almost certainly spot somebody you know while you’re out. Whether it’s one of your good friends or somebody on your course, you and your friends will always see somebody you know. Maybe you’ll spend most of your night avoiding your crush, an unsuccessful date, or an ex. It all makes for fun and games.

Going to Sultans

Sultans is a classic stop after a night out if you live on campus, and it’s always nice to have a chat with the extremely friendly owner. Sultans is amazing for the free water they give out as well as the music being blasted out (it will definitely keep you wide awake in the early hours of the morning). You definitely have to try the halloumi wrap and chips, they are to die for – especially when drunk.

Going to McDonald’s

The trip to Maccies after a night out in Lancs is a must. Who doesn’t want some greasy food after a night out? It isn’t a Lancs night out unless you’ve stood in the queue for half an hour, slowly sobering up. Also, make sure to download the Mcdonald’s app to get the best deals (it’s so expensive now) so you have to look out for the cheap options to save some money. After all, you’ll have spent all your money in Sugar.


The Sugarbus is a godsend for students living on campus, and this year it’s free to students (I feel a bit hard done by being a second year living in town). On the Sugarbus you’re more than likely to make new friends or even reminisce about what just happened in the club. Cartmel students, we hope you enjoy your long walk back from the underpass.

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