Here are the five best restaurants in Exeter to take your parents out for dinner

Because you CANNOT suggest the TP burger van, Subway or Spoons

As we reach the middle of term two, students are deciding to pack up and go back home, missing their lectures and seminars in favour of a week with the dog and a fully stocked fridge bursting with M&S food. However, others are asking their parents to come down and visit them instead (solely because they’ve already bought their TP tickets, not because they actually want to see their parents), and with this, comes the existential dread of having to choose a place to go for dinner.

Despite Exeter being inundated with places to go for food – Zizzi, Turtle Bay, Pho, and The Terrace to name a few, sometimes you just fancy something a little more niche. You want something that really says “Exetah” to your parents. So, if you are somebody who has no idea where to suggest or just want a decent meal paid for by mummy and daddy, then look no further:

1. Mill on the Exe

Overlooking the (you guessed it) River Exe, this countryside-type pub is your perfect place for a quiet, calm and cosy evening. With Sunday roasts as well as a range of locally sourced drinks, Mill on the Exe makes for a great venue for a mid-term catch up with your parents – obviously not mentioning the amount of money you’ve spent on Venoms and Efes.

2. Rockfish

Rockfish is a little bit different to your usual chain restaurant because they can only be found on the Devonian and Dorset coast as they are the closest areas to Brixham – the harbour where their fish is freshly caught each day. Priding themselves in their ethically sourced and high quality ingredients, this is THE place to go if you want something to give your parents a taste of what the South West can offer. Not vibing with fish? No worries – they have a selection of alternative meals, so there is something for everyone! They also have unlimited chips and who can say no to that?

3. Sabatini

You’d expect The Ivy to be on here as it is quintessentially Exetah, however Sabatini has the exact same upper-class splendour, without the stereotype! Being a family-run Italian business, the service is impeccable, even when they are at their busiest, and nothing is ever a problem. Its whole vibe will certainly impress parents and being a stones throw away from Exeter Cathedral means that it pairs nicely with a stroll.

4. On the Waterfront

Situated on Exeter Quay, this is the place to go if you want a more upbeat vibe to your evening. Renowned for their  “dustbin lid” pizzas, 16 inch of pure deliciousness, it’s a great meal to share over a laugh and a catch-up. Their signature and classic cocktails are also a step-up from your usual Squashka at pres.

5. Hub Box