Surviving the end of Lent term: Five tips for Cambridge students

You’ve got this

Week five is now officially over, which means that the worst part of term is (technically) behind us. However, if you’re like me, and your Week five blues is starting to feel a bit long-term, I hope these survival tips will be of use.

Take a break

I know this can be difficult, and probably feels like the opposite of what you want to do right now, but trust me, it will help. Your brain can’t work all the time, and often there’s nothing better for you than just taking some time to let yourself properly breathe for a bit. Get out, go for a walk, watch some TV, just something to take your mind off of work for a bit.

Week five blues is the perfect excuse for a bake-off

Go home

Personally, I go home (at least) once every term. I don’t think I could survive Cambridge otherwise. I appreciate that for many people it isn’t practical or possible to go home during term time, but if you are lucky enough to be able to, do it. I know we’re near the end of term, but with three weeks to go, it’s still the perfect time to go home, take some time to see your family and friends, and do some work in a more relaxed and chilled environment.

The train is a perfectly socially acceptable place to work right…

Talk to people

If you’re finding it difficult at the moment, chances are that other people are as well, so talk to them about it. Talking to others can make you realise that your problems aren’t as massive as they may seem in your head, and can help you find solutions.

Whether it’s over buttery dinner, a morning coffee or a library break, talking to others will help ground you and remind you that there are other people that are also finding things difficult right now – it is Cambridge after all!


Although many people at Cambridge like to pretend that sleep is optional, it really isn’t (at least for me). So please, get some sleep! You will feel so much better and work much more efficiently when you aren’t slightly delirious (aren’t we all a bit by now?) from sleep deprivation.

Spring is coming to Sidge Site

The end is in sight

I know it might not feel like it right now in terms of workload, but we are OFFICIALLY over halfway through term, meaning that the end is in sight. You’ve come this far, you can definitely take what’s to come!

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