Countryside climbing and city dining: Here are our top nine day trips from Lancaster

Get ready for some chaotic flat trip memories x

We’re officially over halfway through this academic year, and deadlines and dissertations are becoming less “future me’s problem” and more “due in one week”. We can feel the anxiety levels rising on the library C floor as students are anxiously cranking out 3000-word essays that they’ve been putting off for months, all the while begging for a break from work. While we might not have the time for a full weekend trip or holiday, sometimes a day trip is all a uni student needs to reset their brain ready to tackle upcoming deadlines – this rundown of our top nine day trip destinations to take from Lancaster will definitely help you to reset your brain ready to tackle every deadline uni throws at you.

1. Manchester

With the train ride only taking around 45 minutes to an hour, a day trip to Manchester is a must on any Lancs student’s bucket list. It has the big city feel that Lancaster sometimes lacks, with loads of great activities, attractions and food options, but it’s not so big that you’re overwhelmed if you’re only there for one day.

2. Windermere

Every single Lancaster Uni student will end up going to the Lake District at one point in their degree; it’s just under an hour by train, features some of the most beautiful scenery in the north, and will definitely be the source of many failed (but equally hysterical) flat camping trips. Windermere has all of this and more, so we’d definitely recommend it if you prefer your day trip to involve some fresh air and long walks than city scapes.

3. Liverpool

Like Manchester, Liverpool makes up for the strangely low amount of clothes shops in Lancaster, and is only an hour and thirty minutes away by train so you can spend a full day shopping and visiting the museums and attractions.

4. Edinburgh

Kendal is only a 25 minute journey by train, and this market town is so incredibly idyllic it would be a shame to miss out on a day trip there. There are some picturesque historic sites like Levens Hall and Sizergh Castle, as well as arts venues and museums that are great for a relaxed wander.

6. Morecambe

Are you even a Lancaster student if you haven’t taken a trip to Morecambe beach? It’s a necessity during the summer term heatwaves, and while there’s not loads of options what it does have makes a really fun summer’s day (we can guarantee you’ve seen all been successfully influenced by the aesthetic Lancs-student Instagram posts of Pottyroos and The Old Pier Bookshop).

7. Lytham St Annes

Lytham is another beautiful seaside town and is just over an hour away by train. It has plenty to do from trips around some of the prettiest gardens in the area to beach days and walks to the windmill. It’s also not far from Blackpool, so if you want to break the day up a bit you could definitely fit both into one trip.

8. Blackpool

While you could split the day between Lytham and Blackpool, we think that Blackpool has more than enough to offer on its own. We’d recommend taking this trip with your flatmates because Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the arcades are the perfect flat bonding activities. While you’re there you can also go and see some of the most famous attractions like Madame Tussauds and the Blackpool Tower Dungeon.

9. Ingleton