Beyond the books: Brum’s best extracurricular activities based on your degree

The hot girl walk around Aldi middle aisle is not hitting like it used to

There’s only a few weeks left of term, a day in the library is a bit of a drag, but there’s only so many time you can take a trip to the retail park in the name of self care and procrastination. Still looking for ways to fill the weekday void between your sparse contact hours? We present to you: extracurricular activities! Birmingham is brimming with niche activities that can be tenuously linked back to your degree. No more journal articles in the library, because our super accurate scientific algorithm has curated the perfect activity based solely on your degree.

Physics – Rush Trampoline Park, Stirtchley

Enter the physics world of Hooke’s law and Newtons 3rd Law as you bounce around this giant trampoline park. Whether its kinetic energy, potential energy, or gravitational potential force, experience all your favourite forces as you triple flip into the foam pit and slam dunk in the bouncy basketball pitch.

After a week of tackling Schrödinger Equation, there’s no better way to recover than heading to a 2 hour nightclub style After Dark session on Friday and Saturday night.

Chemistry – The Big Birmingham Bake, Digbeth

It’s time to put those painful labs to good use and ditch your precious Bunsen Burner and lab coat for an oven and apron.

Grab your trusty lab partner, and work in a pair to whip up a vintage inspired (so coquette), four-layer, fabulously decorated, and February-themed sponge cake to win the competition. It’s basically a lab but instead of crawling home exhausted, you will come home ecstatic to finally eat a cake at Uni that doesn’t resemble a strange caterpillar (sorry Colin and Cuthbert we still love you)

Computer science – NQ64 Birmingham, Digbeth

Head to this Digbeth arcade bar and rediscover your love for tech, playing some classic arcade games that wont risk exposing you to the painful words syntax error.

Grab a fabulous cocktail and play some Tetris, Dance revolution, Space Invaders, Mortal combat and so much more. With all your computer skills, why not destroy your mates in an overly competitive Mario Kart race? That world-conquering feeling might even match up to that moment you first wrote ‘Hello world’ in your favourite Object-Oriented Programming module.

Geography- OTHERWORLD Birmingham, New Street

Put those fieldwork skills to good use, destination: a virtual island paradise in the metaverse. With  VR games from £20, explore mysterious and ethereal forests, paddle through waterscapes and ski down mountain ranges. Forget the geological wonders of the Vale lake as for a limited time only, David Attenborough’s Immersive Anthology will guide you on an incredible wildlife tour of plants, insects and birds.

History of Art- UoB’s poster sale

Everyone loves seeing those spontaneous poster sale signs dotted around campus. However, for art history students the excitement is in another level. No more paying £2.50 for a V&A exhibition postcard when here you can buy five mini aesthetic posters for a tenner.

The lifechanging quotes, iconic sitcom images and random internet artworks are the absolute pinnacle of high art and will blend seamlessly amongst the incredible works of Manet, Picasso and Van Gogh already white-tacked onto your wall.

History- The Old Crown, Digbeth

Soak in Birmingham’s history with a pint at Birmingham’s oldest pub dating back to 1368. Study the ancient architecture of the buildings original black and white timber whilst demolishing fish and chips, or marvel at the fact that Queen Elisabeth I stayed there in 1575. Great for a drink before heading on into Digbeth for your night.


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