These are the five best places to get with your sneaky link on Exeter’s Streatham campus

Watch out, Overheard might give you a shoutout!

So, you’ve experienced the casual hook-up culture as a “silly fresh”: Running away from second years attempting to shark, the walk of shame down Forum Hill, and openly flirting with Efes’ finest in an attempt to get extra garlic mayo. Some of Exeter’s students have established themselves as BNOC’s, meaning that we have plenty of celebs out and about. So, if you’re hooking up with a BNOC (or your flatmates getting cheeky next door just isn’t the vibe), then you NEED to find a good spot on campus. Luckily for you, we have lined up the top five places to get with your sneaky link. Let’s be real, sometimes creativity trumps functionality:

1. Exeter rock

Exeter Rock

The prized possession of Exeter, and arguably the most pictured rock in the world (after Stone Henge), we present to you: The Exeter rock. To be honest, shagging here deserves unlimited TP Wednesday tickets. If this is your chosen spot, please don’t forget that campus security NEVER sleeps.

Weather warning: It only takes a little bit of rainfall for the slippery surface to claim victory. 

2. Lafrowda benches  

Now, as returning students know: Lafrowda benches and a certain couple have created quite a name for themselves. We apologise, but for legal reasons no photographic proof will be provided.

Set the scene: You and your sneaky link sneak away from your friends, desperate to find a place to shag without your flatmates hearing. You stumble across the enticing Block A benches. With a bit of liquid courage and potential beer goggles impairing your standards, you decide the benches are a perfect fit. 

Or, maybe we’ve got it wrong, how else did you end up here? Do you and your ex want “closure?” Or, are you second years who want to relive the Lafrowda lifestyle? Maybe it’s that you want to make it onto Exeter Overheard, or that Cardiac Hill is simply too far? Whatever your reason, this is a popular choice.

3. Reed Hall 

The exquisite nineteenth century architecture paired with bountiful greenery and its captivating wildlife, Reed Hall is a perfect wedding location.  

Or, a place for you and your sneaky link to get down and dirty (please don’t scar Napoleon, the campus cat). 

4. Circuit laundry  


The clue is in the title – “sneaky” link implies that what you’re doing, you shouldn’t be, and you definitely shouldn’t be doing it in the laundry room. However, if you’re eager to get wet and wild, the laundry room is the place for you. 

Whilst washing your bedding, why not become a freak in the sheets?

5. The Northcott stage 

Finally, if you have a knack for theatrics or are inclined to theatre kids, shagging on the Northcott stage is sure to be a dream come true. If you want to put on a show for your sneaky link, head over to the costume rack. Who knows, you might even get a standing ovation! 

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