Clubbing chronicles: What your choice of Brum nightlife says about you

Pryzm, you will be missed

After a long week of lectures, it’s finally the weekend! Time to grab your dirty Airforces and a bottle of bottom shelf vodka. From Broad Street to Digbeth, Gay Village or the comforts of Selly Oak, each Birmingham nightlife hotspot has its own sense of character. Where you end up picking can say a lot about you as a person, so you can use this list as a little self reflection when your planning your next night out instead of making notes in your lectures.


Picking Circo as your night out of choice must mean you are blessed with patience and resilience. Everyone who attends this Selly club knows of the trials and tribulations of the dreaded queue, stretching for miles and packed like sardines in a sea of drunk and rowdy second years. If you do make it in your only choice is to load up on Jägerbombs to withstand the questionable music, the smell, the heat and the relentless shoving. 


You are likely a fresher who is experiencing clubbing for the first time, and likely have not yet ventured into town to experience the big boy clubs. A VK bucket is your drink of choice, and Mr Brightside playing is the highlight of your night. Choosing Fab for your night out means that you like to play it safe. You like to see the same faces and hear the same music and enjoy the safety and familiarity of the guild where the Brummie locals can’t find you. Let’s just hope Dick and Dom don’t make an appearance.  


So, you’ve made it out to town and have landed yourself in Broad Street. Choosing Rosies for a night out means you are adventurous, daring, brave, and most definitely wasted. Nobody sets foot in Rosies without having the longest possible pre drinks and then barely making it for last entry. You’ve likely got some clubbing experience under your belt and enjoy any and all types of music as long as its deafeningly loud with an amplified bass. You for sure can’t leave without getting a mandatory piccy in the rainbow tunnel! 



A Lab 11 night out can only mean one thing- you’ve discovered the wonders of drum n bass. A rite of passage for any uni student really, you’ve grown out of the clubs and moved on to the rave scene. You may think you have the best taste in music and have big dreams of becoming a DJ yourself one day. Whether you fulfil this dream or not, you can at least claim the title of a certified seshhead. 


If Snobs is your choice of night out, then congrats! You are officially a Brummie local. This club is the centrepiece of Brum nightlife and has a room to suit everybody’s tastes. If you go with the intention of sticking to the bottom floor, then you are an indie lover with impeccable taste – respect to you. If you are going for any other floor, then you must be a nightclub old timer who has the wildest stories to tell each time they touch a drop of alcohol. You may be prone to disappearing on a night out especially.

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