With dissertation deadlines looming, here are eight of the best places to cry at Bristol Uni

Term two deadline season calls for a weekly cry scheduled into the google calendar

Every Bristol student knows that feeling when you’re in uni and a cry is imminent without time to dash home. You sit, staring at your laptop, looking up to blink so no tears fall down your cheeks. 

Whether it’s the stress of assignments, housing drama or your situationship that’s got the waterworks going, there are definitely places around campus that are better suited than others. You do not want to be caught in the wrong place (think ground floor senate at 1pm), so here is a list from the very worst to the very best places to let those feelings flow. 

Wills Library Toilets

This is an unfortunate place to shed a tear, not only is it always freezing in there, they definitely win the award of smelliest toilets on campus. Even having a silent sob in the library itself would beat going to the toilets, at least then you could be crying in a dark academia aesthetic.

Beacon House

The stark opposite of Wills is Beacon House, maybe named this because it can probably seen from space with lighting that bright. This may be appealing to those brave enough to choose to study there, but any cry here would most likely be accompanied by a banging headache, so good luck, and I hope you have a couple of ibuprofens on hand. 

Woodland Road

Woodland Road five minutes before a lecture can only be compared to Oxford Street before Christmas: it’s hell out there. Trying to weave through the slow walkers, attempting to cross the road without being hit by a packed U1, and not tripping on the uneven pavement is hard enough without your vision being blurred with tears- being there is a reason to cry alone. 


If you’re working here, chances are high that you may be depressed, however, the study cubicles make for a private, solo cry, which may be just what you need. An efficient cry in the five-minute break of your Pomodoro session is optimal student behaviour.

Corridors in the Arts Complex

The Arts Complex’s infinite maze of corridors is an ideal place to have a quick weep, although any humanities students are taking the risk of running into their seminar tutors which leads to awkward small talk where you both choose to ignore the tear stains on your cheeks. Choose at your own risk. 

Biomed Source Café

As a non-stem student, the Biomed cafe is a mystical place which always seems to have just the right amount of background chatter without it being overwhelmingly loud, both for studying and for a quick cry. Don’t be ashamed to cry in public, the STEM students here either won’t bat an eyelid as they’ll be submerged in their Anki, or at least will deeply relate.

Royal Fort Garden

The benches in Royal Fort Garden have the perfect atmosphere for a cry and the crisp outside air will make for a therapeutic experience. It’s always weirdly quiet around there, and when the occasional person does come, they will probably be mid-trek to the chemistry building so won’t have time to question why there is a person clearly losing their mind on a bench, so don’t hold back!

Senate Stairwell

The best place to cry in Bristol University is 100 per cent the stairwell in Senate House. It’s roomy and there most likely will be very few passers-by if you situate yourself above floor three, where no one can be arsed to take the stairs. Also, it’s perfect as you can look out the window (bonus points if it’s raining), put on your sad playlist, and truly romanticise your cry.

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