Here is what every Exeter University hall would be as a classic Easter egg

Holland Hall’s egg is definitely not found in Tesco

We’ve all had it, the age old question of “What Easter egg do I want this year?” Now that Easter is here, you get to exchange Easter eggs with your friends before the holiday and look forward to being given one by your family, alongside some home cooked meals and a well-deserved break. That is, a break before a term full of fun (and exams). The Easter egg that you choose says a LOT about your personality and the Easter egg that your distant relative gives you when they hardly know you says a LOT about how other people view you. I mean, the egg that you choose tells others about your vibe, so if the Exeter Uni halls could be an Easter egg, this is the one they would be:

Old Laf – Fruit and Nut

Old Laf gets a bad rep, the same way that its Easter egg would. So, if Old Laf were an Easter egg, it would definitely be Fruit and Nut. No one really wants it but people will do everything in their willpower to defend their option and make out that they like it. Old Laf isn’t exactly the best looking, inside or outside, and that comes across. People don’t really know why a Fruit and Nut Easter egg is made, and the same energy goes for anyone that says they love Old Laf.

Holland Hall – Fortnum and Mason

I don’t really need to preface this one with any sort of explanation because the stereotypes speak for themselves. So, if Holland Hall was an Easter egg, it would be Fortnum and Mason. You want everyone to know that you got a Fortnum and Mason Easter egg and no one really thinks they are any more special than anything else. These eggs are decorated pristinely and with such care, oh and did I mention that they’re overpriced?

Duryard – Cadbury’s Caramel

Because Duryard is so far away on campus, getting there is a whole trek, and for that reason it is a caramel egg. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but you are dealt the card you were given and make the most of it. You are exactly the same as all of the other accommodations but you have that little edge about you; not really anyone’s first choice, but not an Easter egg that you would say no to.

New Laf – Marvellous Creations

The wackiest Easter egg: You got a bit of everything and everyone LOVES you. People can be a bit bitter about you though and pretend that they aren’t upset they didn’t get this hall and the same goes for this egg. Not only is it modern on the outside, but the inside is also very nice.

East Park – Lindt Lindor

The overpriced, but envied Easter egg. If getting all of our first choice of uni halls wasn’t enough, you got one of the best eggs too. You, like Holland Hall, also feel the need to project how much better and sought after you are than all of the other eggs. There are lots of different variations of the Lindt Lindor eggs, just like the different types of rooms in East Park. So, you can never be bored!

Birks (catered) – Mini Eggs


Birks (self-catered) – Maltesers

Birks Self-Catered would be a Malteser Easter egg. It’s that little bit of something extra that everyone can agree to love. No one can hate on this egg: There’s a lot going on with a Malteser just like there’s a lot happening at Birks Grange Village. This egg is full of fun!

Rowe House and St German’s – Wispa

Despite being in one of the most popular locations, and having great rooms and kitchens, a lot of people over look this one even though there is no clear reason as to why. If anything, you are better than New Lafrowda. So, for that reason you’d be a Wispa. We all love a Wispa and despite basically being the exact same as every other Cadbury chocolate, it’s a bit quirky.

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