Here it is: The winner of the Warwick BNOC competition 2023/24

Hint – rhymes with surfer but catches no waves

After a search through the darkest corners of Westwood, the dangerous rodent ridges of Tocil, the highest ivory towers of Bluebell and the claustrophobic corridors of Cryfield standard — we have finally found the person to crown Biggest Name On Campus. Despite being royalty, ordained by The Warwick Tab, this regal renegade was voted in by the demos of Warwick University.

We’ve had a slew of participants that can only be described as…interesting but we somehow managed to chip it down to the top three: Malcolm Low, Cosmos Zero Aggodino and Zac “Zerfer” Fisher. After a final round of intense voting and delayed results (the final years are final yearing) we’ve  come to our conclusive result. The winner of the 2023/24 Warwick University BNOC competition is…

Zac ‘Zerfer’ Fisher

The Zerfer has consistently been voted quite high in this competition (and for his sake I hope he wasn’t voting for himself non-stop). After cleanly making it into the top 10, The Zerfer came second-fiddle to Malcolm Low when qualifying for the finals. By a stroke of luck, an act of god or maybe just raw popularity, he’s managed to turn the tables around and dominate the final round with a whopping 72.15 per cent of votes. Politics student Zac was vying for the BNOC title for the simple pleasure of annoying his friends. Looks like his friends are going to live with the consequences of not voting Cosmos or Malcolm.

Degree: BA politics and international studies

Fun fact: “Zerf, my initials, was first used for Clash of Clans and is now the name I’m called in government emails”

Why you should win BNOC: “I’d get to annoy all my friends with it”

Congratulations Zerfer you’re this year’s Warwick University BNOC. To everybody who has tuned in and followed along thank you for being part of this weird and wonderful ride. And for the few of you die-hard BNOC competition fans out there, I hope you’ve kept track of how many hours of sleep you’ve lost over this.

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