The highly classified, official ranking of every single Warwick circle game

Coming from a certified CocSoc social sec

As a frequent circle goer, social sec and all round drinking enthusiast, I think that gives me the qualifications to rank Warwick circle games from best to worst. Because some are great, some are confusing and some will simply bring you to tears – especially if you circle with a sports team *shudder*.

With several societies being banned from circling in certain venues, it makes you wonder – what is all the fuss about? Well, I can’t give too much away. We’ve got to respect the secrecy of Warwick circling, so if you’re here looking for a “How-to-circle-guide”, then go away. You’re in the wrong place. That being said, the games are pretty legendary – so here’s how I would rank the ten best ones. Stay for that, at least.

10. Never Have I Ever

Whilst not specifically a circle game, Never Have I Ever (ever, EVER, ever ever ever) is always sure to bring together, expose a group of people and the send them off to Pop in high spirits. As it’s not exclusive to circle and is pretty straightforward, it comes at the bottom of this list – but it had to be on it somewhere, right? It is a pretty vital part of any circle regardless.

9. Black White Black

Definitely a social sec favourite but often hated by circle goers as it has to be asked – what are the rules? Just don’t get it wrong is all I can say… (call yourself a social sec). Honestly, who knows? This is one of the nicher ones, so big up if you know it. If you don’t, then sucks to suck I guess.

8. Bottle

Often confusing (especially for  those of us that aren’t STEM students and really should go over our multiples again) but also a firm favourite, especially with freshers, as the rules are somewhat clear. Usually played nearer the start of circle – it’s fun enough but comes nearer the bottom of the list as it can have a tendency to drag on.

7. Radio Check

In my experience, this is how a circle ends – and I’m not sure it can even be categorised as a game. Probably more as an activity? But it’s guaranteed to be fun and get everyone singing along. Just make sure you pick a classic song, or you will be booed out of existence.

6. 20 Plus 1

An oldie but a goldie. Not specifically a circling game but frequently played in circle – and one that frequently catches people out (what does it mean if you say three numbers again?)

5. What The F*CK

As most circle games tend to be, this one is pretty loud and causes some stares. It takes a few goes to get the hang of and you have to be in sync with your friends to be fair. But it’s a game that, after having to down a pint of purple or crawl out of circle (pay attention), will make you remember why you do go every week and do actually enjoy circling. Juts make sure you come up with the most outrageous name possible.

4. Moo

Reminiscent of childhood games and old MacDonalds farm, this is an easy game. But if you get embarrassed easily, it might not be the one for you (I CAN’T HEAR YOU). It’s easy, as long as you are sure you can make about ten plus animal sounds confidently (don’t make the mistake of panicking and attempting to click like a dolphin like I did once).

3. Zummy Zummy (Who even knows how to spell this one)

This requires literally no skill, which is probably why I like it so much. It does require regular circle attendance, however, as you need to know people’s names and if you’re not in a circle on a Wednesday – seriously, where are you? It’s certain to be fun (which is the whole point of circle anyway – right, rugby lads?) and help people with getting to know each other. Again, it’s also guaranteed to be loud as well, what with all of the aggressive clapping and knee slapping.

2. One Fat Frog

This has to be up there as one of the more fun games – and with actions included, it  reminds me of being at a childs party. Except, obviously, with significantly more pints of purple and much less birthday cake. Called One Fat Frog – or if you attend GSD circles, One Fat Fish, it’s sure to trip you up and make you wish you were jumping into the pond instead (and God forbid you have a phone in circle).

1. Sexy Roman Numerals

It would simply feel wrong to discuss circling games and not talk about this legendary one. A fan favourite and a definite ice breaker (seriously, where is your passion?), it has to come out on top – confusing freshers and outsiders for years to come, I’m sure (learn your Latin, am I right?)

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