10 things to do as an Exeter student in summer term that aren’t just Exmouth

Because term three has more to offer than Impy and Exmouth

It’s no secret that the best term at Exeter Uni is term three. The city thrives in the sun, and a trip to Exmouth is an absolute necessity. However, there’s only so many times you can visit the same place, so before you pack up and move out halfway through May, why don’t you step outside of your Exe-tah comfort zone and try something new in the city, especially if it’s your last term here. Here’s some ideas to get you started.

1. Discover a new pub

If you’ve made it to third year at Exeter and only visited the same three pubs, it’s time to turn that around. There are hundreds of hidden gems around the city just waiting for you to walk in. One of the selling points of Exeter Uni is its variety of pubs rather than clubs, so why not embrace that and find yourself a new hotspot for you and your pals? A personal favourite of mine is Mill on the Exe, down by St. David’s. This is especially fun if it’s your last term in Exeter, and to all those first years, go and find the nearest pub to your second year house and make it your local.

2. Go to Topsham

Topsham is the perfect place for a day out. The gorgeous little town is full of cute charity shops, quaint pubs and picturesque walking routes. I actually found the coolest pair of Zara trousers in a charity shop on a visit here, so it gets five stars from me. My pub recommendation would definitely be The Lighter Inn, a beautiful waterfront pub where you can get two huge portions of fish and chips for just £20 on Fridays before 6:30pm!

For the bigger party animals amongst you, I recommend looking into completing the Topsham Ten if you want to experience this lovely town while absolutely binned. Do be warned that many don’t make it out completing all ten pubs on this crawl, but it’s a lovely experience with your mates for when the sun’s shining (can’t promise you’ll remember much).

3. Host a BBQ in the garden

I’m sure we’re all dreaming of sitting around a barbecue in summer with a glass of wine and zero academic stress right now. In just one month, that dream becomes a reality. Make sure you add garden BBQ to your term three bucket list, and invite the neighbours over for a summer cookout. Although, make sure you take caution around fire, and don’t piss off your landlord. (Not that you were getting your deposit back anyway.)

4. Go on the quay pedalos

Although unbeknownst to many, from April to August you can ride a pedalo along the quay for just £10 each. With the quay being a canon event in term three, this is a great addition to your day out. It’s perfect to do with your friends or even your red flag situationship. Pop down on a hot day and you’ll surely get some Instagram-worthy pictures. Just try not to fall in.

5. Visit the donkey sanctuary

This is a hilarious and adorable place to visit with your friends. The donkeys all have names and personalities which I will never get over. There’s a cafe, maze and even a walk down to the sea if you fancy it. All in all, I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than pointing at a donkey and saying to my bestie, “that one looks just like you!”

6. Attend a society ball

While Christmas balls are always fun, there is nothing like a society summer ball. The vibes are just impeccable at this time of year. Plus, the evenings are lighter and warmer, which means you don’t have to worry about bringing a jacket. It’s the perfect place to say goodbye to your course mates or society friends, or even make a move on that person you’ve been crushing on at socials all year. It just wouldn’t be Exe-tah of you to finish the year without dressing up all fancy.

7. Walk to Dawlish

Are you feeling brave? Do you like to walk? Are you in any way fit enough? Try making the three hour trek to Dawlish. It’s a lovely seaside town with a lovely beach to enjoy once you reach your destination, so make sure you bring your sun cream. Plus, it’s on the rail route so you can give your legs a rest on the way back.

8. The Enchanted Garden Ball

It’s a rite of passage that all Exeter students should attend EGB at least once for one of the best nights of the year. Although the tickets were notoriously problematic to obtain this year, if you managed to get your hands on one, don’t think twice about going. Not only are all the rides included with your ticket, but the food is always to die for, and you get to buy a whole new outfit. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to get blackout drunk in a field at 7pm?

9. Go clubbing in Bristol/Plymouth

Besides Timepiece, Exeter’s most popular club, nightlife can’t compare to the atmosphere of those bigger cities. While some people may enjoy bumping into their situationship, ex-best friend and guy they hooked up with in Freshers’ Week all in the space of an hour, some are in desperate need of a clean slate. So, why not pop down to Bristol or Plymouth with your friends and try a whole new night out? Both cities are a short and fairly inexpensive train ride away, and a completely different experience from Exeter clubbing. If you’re brave enough, you can save yourself some money on a hotel and get the first 5am train home. Bonus points awarded if you visit the iconic “UNI BURGER MAN” outside Switch.

10. Sidmouth

I know Sidmouth could be considered “just a different Exmouth”, but that really isn’t the case. It’s a beautiful pebble beach just a 40 minute drive outside of Exeter, so time to harass your one friend with a car. While you’re there, try some delicious homemade ice cream from the Fort Cafe on the beachfront. It won’t disappoint.

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