Stop what you’re doing and vote now in round one of the Notts ultimate BNOC competition

Let the games begin

We asked, and you answered – after sifting through nearly 200 nominations, we have shortlisted just 12 people who we think are worthy of the most coveted title in Nottingham: The city’s biggest BNOC.

There will be three rounds of voting with four different nominees in each. Your job is to vote for who you think the biggest BNOC is and send one person from each round into the final. Don’t worry if you don’t spot your favourite BNOC in this round, there’s plenty more to come!

Izzy Morris, UoN, third year liberal arts

Izzy was nominated for heading up URN this year “like an absolute queen”

Most embarrassing club story: “I stood up too quickly when it was my turn at Rescue karaoke and faceplanted the floor because of a nicotine rush”

Favourite study spot: Local vegan pub The Golden Fleece.

Why she thinks she should win: “It would make my dad laugh”

Scott Barry, UoN, third year history and American studies

After being nominated by multiple people thanks to an infamous American football bar crawl, Notts “legend” Scott’s reputation precedes him.

Favourite study spot: The David Ross cafe – a unique choice for sure, but I guess if you’re going to be a BNOC standing out from the crowd comes with the name?

Why he thinks he deserves the title of BNOC: His friends begged him to say yes to being included

Cai Killen, UoN, third year industrial economics

If you’ve been keeping track of our campus crush series on our Instagram page, the name Cai Killen, aka ‘Goujon’, aka ‘the mythical beast from the heart of Wales’ might be familiar to you.

Most embarassing club story: “Knocking myself out and breaking my nose on the stairs outside rock city and came round only able to speak Welsh”

Favourite study spot: “Bottom floor Hallward with a mandatory upper decky”

Why he thinks he should win: “I shouldn’t, it should be Fionn Manigo Farrell”

Divina Newman, UoN, third year biology

The final contestant in the first round of The Tab Nottingham’s BNOC competition is Divina Newman, who was nominated for her love of the song Ignition, information which is “known across the entirety of women’s rugby and the Crisis team” because she messages everyone involved in either of those two things begging for them to request or play the song.

Most embarrassing club story: “Having to have a fresher hold back my hair while I was throwing up in a bin outside Crisis on my 21st birthday”

Why she thinks she should win: “I should win BNOC bc I am genuinely not one so if you love an underdog I’m your girl. Ella Eyre is my close personal friend so I have friends in high places. I play rugby so I’ll tackle anyone who doesn’t vote for me xx”

Cast your vote for who you think should go through to the final:

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