Here are the best places for a girls’ holiday based on your Exeter University degree

Who doesn’t want to get away this summer?

The sun has been starting to show its face in Exeter over the last few weeks which has filled us all with hope for better weather and dreaming of a girls’ holiday instead of exams. What better way to procrastinate than to start looking at trips away this summer to tackle the idea of being away from your girls for too long? Here is a list of the best places to escape to based on your Exeter Uni degrees.

History of Art – Amsterdam

Not only does Amsterdam look like an art piece in its own right with its canals and beautiful architecture, Amsterdam is renowned for its culture and art with artists like Rembrandt and Van Gogh being known for their work here. Only an hour away from Bristol, Amsterdam is easy to reach and takes you out of the grey UK and into the art capital of the Netherlands. Whilst in Amsterdam you can visit the Van Gogh Museum, take a cruise down the canals or cool down in the Ice Bar where everything from the walls to the glasses are made from ice. Amsterdam is not one to miss this summer.

Drama – Ibiza

Drama students are fun, energetic and intense and so is Ibiza. It’s busy, exciting and it’s got a perfect mix of beach and party. You’ve written enough essays this year and have no more exams all summer so why not celebrate early? With its crazy set designs and performances, your new theatre for the week is the Ushuaia Club. It’s time to swap out the traditional theatre for a party stage (and maybe write your next essay on it).

English Literature – Paris

There is no better place to go for a literature student. With its picturesque scenery that makes you feel like a writer just by walking down the river, Paris has a calm aura that gives you a break from your essays and allows you to pick up a pen for fun (I know, crazy!). Your first stop is of course Notre-Dame to see Victor Hugo’s inspiration for his famous novel. Then to the famous Shakespeare and Company bookshop where you can spend hours sitting upstairs falling into a new world of literature. Hopefully leaving the “city of love” with even more of a love for literature than when you started and maybe even inspired to become the next Hemingway.

Medicine – The Lake District

Medicine is hard work and everyone needs a break every once in a while. The Lake District is the place to be this summer. It’s time to completely shut off from the world around you and blend into the hills and the nature for a bit before getting back to the busy world of your degree. It’s not just lakes and hills either. You can visit the Beatrix Potter House, Lowther Castle and get the best gingerbread in the world from Grasmere Gingerbread. The Lake District is often overlooked as a good holiday destination but it is perfect for a relaxing retreat away from the chaotic of uni and work.

Psychology – Vienna

What better place to visit as a psychology student than the home of Sigmund Freud himself. On your trip you can visit the Sigmund Freud Museum alongside the many museums that Vienna has to offer. There is so much culture in Vienna to soak in as well as the beauty of the architecture of the city. You are guaranteed to come home with a whole new camera roll and a newfound love for everything around you. As Billy Joel says “Vienna waits for you’ so what are you doing?” Get booking.

Flexible Combined Honours – Greek Islands

The clue is in the name, flexibility. Greek Island hopping allows you to experience lots of different parts of Greece and see loads of different coasts and towns as you go. This is perfect for someone who doesn’t like to stick to one option and wants to make the most of everything they do. Greece is famous for its beautiful sea and gorgeous sunsets that you will never get bored of, no matter how many times you see it. Greece is the perfect escape for you and your friends to relax and soak in the sun before having to think about your busy schedule next year.

STEM Subjects – Italy


Italy has it all when it comes to girl’s holidays. There is so much to explore in Italy, from the architecture to the food, there will not be a dull moment. This is the perfect getaway for STEM students as there’s lots to learn. Such as Galileo’s scientific discoveries and the engineering behind buildings like the Colosseum and the floating house of Venice. You will be pleased to know that this trip can also be a break from all this though as a trip to Lake Como or the Amalfi Coast are perfect locations for a laidback, relaxing retreat. With beautiful views that will make you forget all about the intensity of your degree.

So, what are you waiting for? Get onto the booking apps and start looking at flights before it’s too late. You’ll be the friend of the year just for reading this article, this summer is going to be the best one yet.

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