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Madeleine complains that her MAFS Australia edit made her look like a ‘batsh*t crazy b*tch’

The psychic medium said that producers ‘pushed on a relationship topic that she didn’t want to go into’

MAFS Australia Madeleine has complained about her edit on the show, claiming that a lot of vital context was cut out of the cow scene which explained her odd behaviour.

The psychic medium said that the way her producer-led interviews were used out of context and without background information has left people thinking she’s a “batsh*t crazy b*tch”.

After watching her final edit, Madeleine agreed that her portrayal on the show was a bit strange but said this was because so much vital context and information was cut.

Using her honeymoon date with Ash as an example, the 30-year-old revealed the real reason why she cried when realising the cows on the farm would be used for food, despite being shown eating meat only the night before.

Talking about the context the show left out, she told Yahoo Lifestyle that she had been vegan and vegetarian on and off for the last six to seven years, but had eaten meat throughout the show as she was on medication for her skin.

She said: “So the cow scene. There is just a lot of context removed, I was on medication for my skin and I needed healing happening really quickly. So I was eating meat, not red meat, but meat.”

Explaining her tears, Madeleine said that she had felt a lot of guilt seeing the animals after eating meat the night before. She also said a lot of other raw emotions were unearthed at the time: “When I see the cows after what I did the night before, it’s kind of feeding into that guilt and shame I was feeling in the voxxie [producer interview] prior…. watching that back, oh my god, it seems so full on, but you’re unearthing so much about love and what you desire and what you’ve done in the past that may or may not be a good choice or whatever”.

But despite the lack of context shown prior to this scene, Madeleine also revealed that the show actually chopped up her producer interviews in order to fit the narrative.

She claimed that she was pushed into conversations about her relationship in producer interviews, and that they were then mashed together into the cow scene.

“And I will say this. There’s a voxxie in between where I go, completely unrelated to the cow, where I explode and I go, ‘I’m so f***ing annoying!’ and it was about the relationship once again, so it had nothing to do with me being upset I was eating meat, it was an explosion of like, they’re pushing on a relationship topic that I don’t want to go into.”

Talking about her emotional outburst, Madeleine explained she hadn’t been moved to tear by the cows and that it was actually about her relationship with Ash: “I’m aware I’m really emotional that day, and I’m aware of what it will look like on camera, so that’s why I’m saying I’m so f***ing annoying, because I can’t stop crying about this other topic!”.

Despite the chops to her edit, Madeleine did actually acknowledge that she knew the changes had been made for entertainment, much like in other reality TV shows. She said: “I think so much plays into stupid things like that, and Married At First Sight is just going to market it as I guess, funny or weird, or because I’m a medium, but yeah it was actually a lot deeper to me.

“People just think I’m this bats**t crazy b***h, but you know, that too, but also not”.

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