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Meeting at 19 to kids at 20, inside Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson’s age gap relationship

Movies, music videos, and marriage

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has had a sweeping career, starring in blockbusters like Bullet Train, Tenet, and Kick-Ass, with even recent rumours of a James Bond casting. But you might remember him from his role as the cheeky “sex-god” Robbie, in your favourite childhood rom-com Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging – A.K.A. your first crush.

Director Sam Taylor Johnson, most famous for the unforgettable 50 Shades Of Gray, has attracted controversy for her latest film, an Amy Winehouse biopic called Back To Black. The pair have always received attention for their 23 year age gap, with some internet users raising eyebrows upon learning he was just 18 when they first met.

She addressed this in a recent interview, stating that she “doesn’t understand” the issue with their age gap and looking at the timeline, it’s hard not to see the love. Glamorous movie sets? Whirlwind work romance? Cottage-core farm life in Somerset? Their story is pretty romantic: Here’s the full timeline of Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson’s relationship.

2008: Aaron auditions for the role of John Lennon in Sam’s first feature film Nowhere Boy

Because of Aaron’s busy filming schedule for Kick-Ass, the couple almost didn’t meet. But on the day Sam was moving out of her shared home with recently divorced husband Jay Jopling, an art dealer, Aaron auditioned at her house. 

“It was so inconvenient,” Sam said. “In the end, I was like, ‘OK, he’ll have to come to my home.’ I opened my door to John Lennon. I instantly knew he was the guy.”

Sam told The Telegraph UK that she was immediately impressed by how much Aaron prepared for his audition.

“I could see how much research he’d done already just by the way he was standing and the few words he said,” she recalled.

2009: Aaron proposes to Sam after wrapping the film

The couple kept their cool on set, with Sam saying there was “no funny business”, although people could sense their connection.

“As soon as we finished, he told me he was going to marry me,” Sam told Harper’s Bazaar. “We had never been on a date, or even kissed.”

“And a year to the minute after we met, exactly one year to the minute, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me,” Aaron said. “I knew instantly that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this person.” (The Telegraph UK)

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2010: Their first child together, Wylda Rae, is born 

The couple moved into a home in Primrose Hill together and, in 2010, welcomed their first daughter, Wylda Rae, into the world. Wylda was born on 8th July in London; Sam was 43 whilst Aaron was 20 at the time of her birth.

Sam already had two daughters, Anjelica and Jessie Phoenix, from her previous marriage, whom Aaron had been acting as a step-father towards since their coupling.

2011: Sam directs R.E.M.’s music video for ÜBerlin, which stars Aaron

In March, 2011, Sam directed a music video starring Aaron. The song was from the bands 15th album, Collapse Into Now and showed Aaron dancing through the streets of East London.

2012: Their second child, daughter Romy Hero, is born 

Like their first daughter, their second daughter Romy Hero was born at home in London on 18th January, 2012.

2012: The couple gets married and changes their last name to Taylor-Johnson

On the 21st June 2012, the pair tied the knot after four years of being together.  Aaron, then 22, and Sam, then 45, had their wedding in Somerset. They merged their respective surnames into hyphenated ‘Taylor-Johnson’, with Aaron telling London’s Evening Standard: “I just don’t see why women need to take the man’s name. I wanted to be a part of her just as much as she wanted to be part of me.”

2019: The couple films A Million Little Pieces together

In another film collaboration, Sam’s 2019 film A Million Little Pieces stars Aaron as a recovering addict falling in love in a rehabilitation centre. She said “It was the best thing we’ve ever done,” in a joint interview with Aaron in Harper’s Bazaar.

2022: On their 10th anniversary, Sam and Aaron renewed their vows

The couple celebrated their 10th year of marriage by renewing their vows in front of their friends and families. In an Instagram post, Aaron said: “Yesterday was the most beautiful day, summer solstice, our 10th anniversary… we renewed our vows to one another and confessed our love in front of our nearest and dearest friends and family it was a celebration of love and joy!

“A decade of marriage. It was a magical unforgettable day and the sun did not stop shining on us both.. we are blessed beyond belief. ❤️ Sammy you are my love, my life, my soulmate, my wife, my world! ❤️”

2024: Sam and Aaron say the fixation on their age gap is ‘bizarre’

In March, Aaron told the Rolling Stone Magazine that his life has always progressed at a faster rate than others: “What you gotta realize is that what most people were doing in their 20s, I was doing when I was 13,” he said.

“What speed are you supposed to enjoy life at?” The actor went on to describe his wife as a “great filmmaker and a wonderful storyteller.”

Sam said: “We’re a bit of an anomaly, but it’s that thing: After 14 years you just think, surely by now it doesn’t really matter”

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