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Raving to radio: Everything Richard Gadd did after the real life events of Baby Reindeer

He even had time to go travelling

If like me you’re still obsessed with Baby Reindeer, you no doubt have tonnes of unanswered questions about not only the show, but Richard Gadd’s life too. After learning that the series was recreated from his real life events, it isn’t hard to see why Richard’s work has been celebrated and won so many awards. But he’s crammed a lot into the last few years, so here’s everything that Richard Gadd did after he was stalked.

Richard’s show Monkey See Monkey Do got picked up internationally

After performing his show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, both Richard and the show received numerous awards. The performance also toured across the UK and Europe before being streamed on Comedy Central in 2017.

He starred in multiple TV shows

Richard has also dabbled in on screen acting as well as theatre, starring alongside Daniel Mays in a 2017 BBC Two show. The programme followed the lives of two men in love when homosexuality was a crime in Britain.

In fact, his CV is packed pretty full with onscreen jobs. He also acted in BBC Three’s Clique, Sky Arts’s One Normal Night, Sky One’s Code 404 and E4’s Tripped.

Richard performed Baby Reindeer at Edinburgh Fringe

Despite only being released on Netflix earlier this month, Richard actually wrote the show Baby Reindeer back in 2019, only two years after his stalker had been arrested. It won two awards and went on to a five week run in London where Richard Gadd played himself and retold the harrowing events of his stalking episode.

He also worked as a screenwriter on multiple productions, including on the Netflix show, Sex Education. On top of that, he has also written episodes of Ultimate Worrier for Dave and The Last Leg for Channel 4, where he was also a correspondent.

Richard also has a voice for radio, previously working on several projects broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Scotland.

He travelled across the United States

Richard took us along with him on his trip across the U.S., posting happy snaps from Los Angeles, Arizona and Nevada. Travelling with a fellow Scot, he even went on a bit of a road trip and drove a Mustang all the way to the Grand Canyon.

On top of travelling, he also shared photos of him at a few gigs after he went to see rock band Blur at Wembley.

Richard attended a red carpet for the Baby Reindeer Netflix show

Back in December last year, Richard and his co-star Jessica Gunning attended a red carpet in Royal Festival Hall, London. The pair donned dazzling smiles even back then when neither of them could have predicted the shows success. And since the show’s release on April 11th, Richard has spoken in depth about what the series means to him, as well as Jessica’s incredible performance as Martha.

It seems that Richard is definitely up with the high flyers after his Netflix show, sharing photos after he was invited to a Stranger Things premier event among receiving other awards and praises for his work.

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