Don’t panic, but applications for The Glasgow Tab’s editorial team are now OPEN

Applications for Features, News, Social Media, TikTok and Editor in Chief close on Monday 6th May at 23:59!

The Glasgow Tab is now recruiting for our 2024/25 editorial team! From breaking news stories and gossip around campus to fun features and guides, The Glasgow Tab has it all and is a fantastic experience for anyone interested in a career in journalism.

The positions available are Editor in Chief, News Editor, Features Editor, Social Media Editor and TikTok Editor.

We encourage everyone to apply regardless of year or degree, the only requirement is that you are a student at Glasgow Uni, Strathclyde, GCU, or otherwise. You will receive training from experienced editors, and even a professional journalist from The Tab HQ, to get you up and running. The deadline for applications is 23:59 on Monday 6th May.

Although you don’t need to have written for The Glasgow Tab before applying, some experience in journalism would certainly help, be that personal blogs or other publications etc. Regardless, now is a great time to get involved and take on something new.

More importantly, we want people who are passionate about writing and journalism, enthusiastic about Glasgow life, dedicated to breaking news stories and writing fun features, but, above all else, able to work well in a team. If you have questions about any of the roles please do not hesitate to get in touch via Instagram or Facebook.

Editor in Chief

As Editor in Chief, you will oversee the entire team of writers and all of the articles The Glasgow Tab publishes. In this role, you’ll work with your team to lead the direction of our coverage. You will also be the main link to The Tab HQ team and will be supported by the team at HQ running The Glasgow Tab team.

You will be responsible for organising your team of editors and writers, hosting regular meetings and motivating and supporting writers to maintain a regular schedule of articles being published.

You’ll be writing your own news and feature pieces throughout the year, whilst also working with the section editors to come up with weekly pitch ideas to send out to your writer’s team to claim and help the team break the biggest stories on campus. You will then be editing and publishing articles that your team of writers have submitted to you. You will also be in charge of making sure all content is consistent with The Glasgow Tab’s standard of quality and tone of voice.

The job of Editor in Chief is incredibly rewarding and a great opportunity to lead a talented team; a great experience to have no matter what career you end up in, but being a publication with thousands of reads per article, it directly connects you to the industry of writing and journalism. The right person for the role should be friendly, approachable, supportive and possess good leadership skills as you’ll be spending a lot of time communicating and motivating your editorial team, alongside your team of writers.

News Editor

The Glasgow Tab prides itself on breaking big news stories, and as News Editor your biggest responsibility is ensuring that The Glasgow Tab is reporting on the latest scoops on campus.

This often involves reacting quickly to fast-paced, ever-changing stories as they develop on the day. You’ll need a passion to report the latest scoop before anyone else, an eye for a good story and an ear out for the latest news, controversies and events. It’s key to keep up-to-date on news in Glasgow, from protests on campus to major announcements from the university.

You’ll support the Editor in Chief in writing and editing articles weekly, coming up with pitches and article commissions and supporting writers. The roles of section editors are not black and white so you may also be expected to regularly write and edit feature articles, not just news.

Features Editor

This role is for anyone who wants to take charge of The Glasgow Tab’s great feature pieces. You’ll be responsible for writing and editing the iconic feature pieces for the team that make The Glasgow Tab as great as it is.

You’ll be able to cover every aspect of student life, from nightlife to fashion and food. You will be working on pieces that cover current opinions, fun guides and witty commentary on campus life, you will also oversee the quizzes, opinion pieces, guides and other fun stories that we write. Rating outfits on campus, or arguing which Glasgow club is better – as Features Editor you’ll have a keen interest in everything relevant and relatable to Glasgow students.

You will also support the Editor in Chief in editing and writing articles each week, coming up with pitches and article commissions and supporting writers. The roles of section editors are not black and white and you may also be expected to regularly write and edit news articles, not just features.

Social Media Editor

The Social Media Editor will be in charge of The Glasgow Tab’s Instagram and Facebook. You’ll be responsible for distributing published articles on social media and engaging the audience through memes, interactive Instagram stories and more.

You will be the first line of contact between the audience and the rest of the editorial team, relaying any DMs or comments you’ve seen. If you’ve got a knack for comedy and relatable content then this is absolutely the role for you, as we need someone who has the ability to get people engaged and interested in everything The Glasgow Tab is about.

Your work might look something like this:

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TikTok Editor

After finally launching The Glasgow Tab’s TikTok this year, we want someone who can take the page to new heights by growing the page and gaining as many new followers as possible.

We need someone creative, outgoing and happy to be on camera as you will be expected to regularly create vox pops interviewing students on campus or on nights out. You’ll need to think of creative ways to incorporate the latest TikTok trends into relatable Glasgow content, as well as an eye for video editing on the app.

Your work might look something like this:

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to apply for any of the advertised roles, please fill out this Google form:

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