This is exactly what your favourite Fallowfield pub says about you as a Manchester student

Spolier alert: 256 is basic

Whether it’s the thought of waiting in the dark for the 143 and trekking all the way to the Manchester City Centre for a night out, or paying £8 a pint in Northern Quarter once you arrive, thank goodness we have our wonderful selection of Fallowfield pubs that welcome us with open arms.

With such an array of choices right on students’ doorsteps, it’s no surprise a person’s go-to pub is often very telling of their character. So, here at The Manchester Tab we have decided to tell you what your favourite Fallowfield pub says about you:


I mean where else can you get a Bells and coke for £1.84 and watch the locals drink their pints at 10 in the morning? You might be a bit basic and maybe a little childish, but you know what you like and how to drink on a budget. You’d probably rather be chugging beer in a public park and running from community police like you did when you were sixteen, but listening to Tim do the quiz on a Wednesday night is an alright second option.


Likely a sports social frequenter that makes their sport of choice their entire personality. These guys are on first name basis with the bartenders here – who either love their energy or completely hate their obnoxious guts. An absolute blast to hang out with but can often be a complete drunken menace on a night out. You guys have got to be loaded considering the number of costumes you cycle through each week and the sheer amount of two for £8 doubles you’ve consumed here. And yes, we get it, you’re not free on a Wednesday night.


A complete mixed bag. You either really love a 256 Tuesday or just take table tennis and pool a bit too seriously. You’re either a Fiat 500 girl or a Turkey teeth and skin fade lad (I don’t make the rules). A solid choice and a popular one too, so the verdict here is a bit up in the air.


A first year, broke as hell, or a combination of the two. Another likely favourite for a sports social drinker but this time it’s the bottom of the barrel bunch. Loud, obnoxious and always on the bouncer’s radar. These are the type of people to cut in front of you at the bar and then spill their drink on you on the way back to their table. However, I will admit this is a solid choice before 7pm – when absolutely no one else is around.

Friendship Inn

If this pub is your favourite you’re either on a pub crawl or you’re above the age of 65. I mean who actually likes breathing in the smell of the toilets all night?


See you think you’re cool for having this as your favourite, but you’re just another indie band gatekeeper with either a mullet or a slick-back Bella Hadid pony. You run your Vinted like it’s the navy and have a record collection no one’s allowed to touch. This is often paired with a crippling fear that people don’t find you interesting enough. Stop pinching everyone’s cigs, its making your voice fried.


As the equivalent of Haus’ less cool younger cousin, this is a great spot to find first time Hinge daters or wannabe influencers posing with the decor. If this is your favourite you’re probably a bit pretentious or you just really enjoy quizioke. Or bikes I guess.


Who the hell is even choosing this? You’re probably an Uttley resident or enjoy having to pay the price of a mortgage for a drink.


A dog person or a cue sports enthusiast. Or an old man. You think you’re superior for not going next door to 256 and believe the singular pool table round the corner is “by far the best one in Fallowfield”. Sure you can get two pints of dock for a fiver but are you really going to enjoy them?


You’re someone I need a restraining order against probably.

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