If you’ve consumed nine of these 10 things, you’re officially a York student

Don’t read if you’re hungry

York may be a city known for its history and sightseeing but it’s also home to some great restaurants, cafés and bars meaning if you’re a foodie you’re in luck. As a York student, I feel that there are some food (and drink) that we’ve all had the pleasure of trying at some point during our time here and so if you’ve consumed 9/10 of these things, you’re officially a York student.

College meal

If you were catered during the first year or had a weekly college meal the phrase “salad or veg?” will be very familiar. As a second year, I look back fondly on RKC dinners and the school dinner vibes they provided me with although consuming chips every day was probably not the healthiest decision I’ve ever made. Special shout out to the berry crumble and the fajitas they were my faves.

A Greggs sausage roll

Lovely modern accommodation and a Greggs, it’s giving East Campus privileges. Whenever I find myself on East Campus I seem to get blown into Greggs. A nice, albeit sometimes lukewarm, sausage roll is just what you need to get you through a study sesh in the Piazza.

Some chocolate and a fizzy drink from Nisa

A mid library pick-me-up to get some fresh air. I always tell myself it’s cheaper than a coffee from Costa so I’m practically making money. I hear you opening your can in the library, guilty as charged.

A hot chocolate from the Christmas Market

As York students we know what town is like during the festive season so be prepared to queue for the chocolatey beverage. In my opinion a hot chocolate is one of the best ways to feel more festive and warm your hands whilst you browse the markets, if you’re able to get through the swarms of tourists. Bonus points if it’s loaded and if you’re feeling extra wild you can add a shot of Baileys too (for added warmth of course).  loaded hot chocolate

Pesto pasta

York student or a student at any uni for that matter, we are all very well acquainted with pesto pasta. Lots of cheese is a must. I also like to jazz mine up with a tin of sweetcorn and mushrooms, if the weekly budget allows me to. For sure a staple in my meal rotation.  pesto pasta

A brunch from Rise

One of the best brunch places in the city in my humble opinion. The food, plate decor and of course the bamboo straws are 100 per cent Instagram worthy. They often have weekend specials which never fail to entice me although if you want to avoid queuing try and squeeze in a trip during the week.

A York Roast co. YorkyPud wrap

After seeing them all over my TikTok FYP when the opportunity presented itself I was first in the line to try a Yorkshire pudding wrap. Meat, veg, stuffing and gravy wrapped in a Yorkshire pudding, what more could you ask for? And there’s no better place to indulge in a Yorkshire pudding wrap than in Yorkshire itself right?

Chips from salt and pepper

Whether you prefer curry sauce, gravy or lashings of ketchup or mayo. Having consumed a salt and pepper chip after a night out, even if it’s stolen from your friend’s tray, is something every York student should be able to cross off their bingo card. It’s in a prime location being between Flares and Savlos and right next to the bus stop, allowing you to grab some chips (or your desired post-night-out food of choice) and hop on the CB1 home. Special mention to the Efes, Deniez and Okies vans, my big three.

A blue shit

A blue shit is a signature York student beverage. You can get one from both Stone Roses Bar and Lowther, two of my favourite bars in York. They’re always busy with students and play some great tunes meaning they have a fab atmosphere for pres or even a final destination if you’re not fancying clubbing. My STYCs ensured we tried one during freshers week and it did not disappoint, who knew vodka and a blue lemonade mix (whatever that means) could taste nice? Although beware they can be lethal, I’ve heard some crazy stories about those who’ve dared to consume more than three blue shits in an evening. If you want to switch it up why not try out a red, green, orange or even a pink shit, maybe not on the same night though, please.

Anything from Spark 

Cute shipping containers that offer a range of options from pizza to burgers to Greek gyros (yum). Plus you’re supporting independent businesses! A great option especially if you and your friends can’t agree on what you fancy having. Another bonus is that you can order to the table. Spark runs plenty of events including a quiz bingo fusion every Wednesday which is great fun if you’re an avid quizzer. In winter they have a cosy canopy over the rooftop seating with heaters (a coat highly recommended though since it’s York)however in April the canopy comes down, a true sign that summer is on its way. Where else would you want to be on a summer day other than sat in Spark with a gyroand maybe a cocktail in hand?

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