Introducing Bournemouth’s brand new stock prices bar night at The Vault

Channel your inner Wolf of Wall Street ego and get bevvy while doing it!

Seeing as student life is on the brink of extinction with the closures of local nightclubs, Halo and Revolution, I decided to hit up the next in line. Located in the midst of The Triangle is a nightclub known for their raves and DJ visits, The Vault. This club is on the up and up, and could be a contender for the new go-to student spot. Why you ask? Well, because of their new epic stock price bar.

What is the stock price bar?

If you fancy channelling your inner Wolf of Wall Street (unfortunately, minus the Margot Robbie), this one is for you!  The aim of the game is, when a drink is popular it goes up in price and when it hasn’t been purchased in a hot sec, it becomes cheaper. This entire idea allows you to grab a bargain, try drinks you haven’t before and learn how to push to the front of a busy pub queue.

Don’t panic too much if you don’t snag the bev for the cheapest price, as all cocktails were around £4.00 anyway! This is certainly cheaper than my beloved Turtle Bay or Slug and Lettuce. May I add, cheaper and somewhat stronger. I got tipsy to the point that I was two sips away from busting a move with my ex’s mum. Shoutout Lisa.

This event is great for all ages, as bargains can tickle anyone’s fancy. Though, if you don’t like a boogie to loud disco tracks, this may not be the place for you. Personally, I couldn’t wait to get my boogie on. Too bad I was already half cut from a day spent drinking cocktails. Don’t judge me, If I didn’t drink… you wouldn’t have Bournemouth guides!

When is it?

This event is new and isn’t too busy yet, but I predict a positive future if the club can spread the word! All students, run, jump and leap to these crazy deals – available every Saturday from 5pm til Midnight… I know I will be!

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