The ages of the Race Across the World series four cast, from youngest to oldest

This year’s cast has proven that age really is just a number

The fourth series of BBC One’s Race Across the World sees five teams of two complete a 15,000km  (9,300 mile) route from Sapporo on Japan’s northernmost island to Lombok in Indonesia, passing through South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand enroute.

Following Sharon and Brydie’s elimination after reaching the fourth checkpoint of Mae Sariang in Thailand two weeks ago, the current ranking has Alfie and Owen in fourth place, Betty and James in third, Eugenie and Isabel in second and Stephen and Viv in the lead, with a mere two minute advantage over the team in second place.

Having reached the halfway mark through the series and seeing the first elimination, it’s high time to get better acquainted with our four potential winning teams ahead of the fifth episode airing tomorrow.

Series three of Race Across the World has seen a cast with a diverse range of ages, from those in their twenties to retirees in their mid-60s. Whether you’re dying to get on the show yourself or simply enjoy watching from the comfort of your own sofa, here’s a complete list of all the Race Across the World series three cast’s ages, from youngest to oldest:


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Age: 20

Joint with his teammate, football referee Alfie from St Albans is the youngest of this year’s contestant, at 45 years younger than the most senior competitor.

Despite having known friend and teammate Owen since school, the pair have faced significant disagreements concerning how to spend their £1,390 budget, with Alfie being the more budget-conscious of the two aiming to “earn first and race later”.


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Age: 20

Alongside teammate and school friend Alfie, 20-year-old trainee pilot Owen is also on the younger end of this year’s cast.

Stating before the race began that he and Alfie wanted to “put our friendship to the test”, the fourth leg of the race certainly challenged Owen and Alfie when they were stranded at Keene Khoi Junction following a decision to go white water rafting, further putting their differing approaches to the test.


Age: 21

Participating in the race alongside his older sister, sales consultant James is the next youngest participant in the race at age 21.

James took the preparation for the race pretty seriously, and “did two 24-hour fasts to prepare for the trip”. Yet, Betty and James have consistently finished in third place after each leg, suggesting they could be in danger of elimination if their performance doesn’t improve.


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Age: 25

Completing James’s team, his 25-year-old Betty is a social media and events manager from Silsden.

Although the sibling duo have “barely [kept] in touch as adults”, Betty and James have been pretty in sync during the race so far, attempting to strike a balance between speed and picking up extra cash by working along the way.


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Age: 25

Fellow 25-year-old Brydie was one half of the first pair to be eliminated alongside her mum Sharon. The snowboard instructor from Kent hoped “to embrace the challenges of travel and dyslexia”.

Despite believing their close-knit relationship would be their best strategy during the race, the mother-daughter duo were the first to be eliminated in the episode which aired on 24th April.


Race Across the World series four ages

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Age: 25

Rounding out the trio of 25-year-olds on the show this season, Isabel is a trainee clinical scientist from Birmingham competing alongside her mum Eugenie.

The pair have put in a solid performance so far, finishing either first or second on every leg. However, it seems that for Isabel the most important aspect is bonding with her mum, as they “are not as close as [they] could be”.


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Age: 52

Despite having already been eliminated from the race, cleaner Sharon from Kent marks a shift away from the twenty-somethings. The 52-year-old has certainly defied expectations concerning older participants, embracing all aspects of the race.


Race Across the World series four ages

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Age: 60

Eugenie is part of the last mother-daughter duo participating in the race, and agreed to participate “if it was going to keep Isabel happy” after her daughter asked if she’d liked to take part.

A teacher from Barking, the 60-year-old hoped to use “Makaton and other communication tools that she’s had to use with the special needs children she works with” in countries where she doesn’t speak the language.


Race Across the World series four ages

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Age: 61

The final duo rounding out the line up this season consists of husband and wife Stephen and Viv. After a slow start in the first three legs, wherein they consistently finished fourth, the 61-year-old retiree became the race leader in last week’s episode alongside his wife, reaching the checkpoint of Mae Sariang a mere two minutes ahead of Eugenie and Isabel.


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Age: 65

The oldest participant in the race, 65-year-old Viv is all about defying expectations about her age. Aiming to “prove that wisdom, perspective and maturity is the winning formula”, Stephen and Viv’s success last week has definitively proven that determination and grit vastly outweigh age during a race across the world.

Race Across the World is currently airing on Wednesday nights at 9pm on BBC one. For more like this Race Across the World series three cast ages and all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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