Here’s where you should go on your Exeter girls’ holiday, based on your pres playlist

Because Exmouth just won’t cut it

As Exeter Uni students, your pres playlist can make or break your night. Whether you’re drinking before a society ball, prepping for a big night out in TP, or just off to a chill night at the Impy, your music sets the tone for the fun ahead. Equally, a girls’ holiday can have detrimental effects on your friendship; just because the holiday makes it out of the group chat, it doesn’t mean the group chat makes it out of the holiday. So, here’s your best chances for everyone’s enjoyment, and a girls’ holiday based on your group’s vibes!

2000s ‘it girl’ playlist: Paris

Paris is the ULTIMATE girly city break. City of love? More like city of wearing cute Parisian outfits, drinking iconic hot chocolate and cream, and taking videos of the sparkling Eiffel Tower. This is THE trip to take with your girlfriends! If you’re preing to Britney, Nelly Furtado, Rihanna, and Beyonce, this is your time to shine.

Sad girl songs: Rome

Rugby boys got you in your feels? Dissertation stress giving you major anxiety? It sounds like you need to blast History Of Man while walking around the Colosseum, imagining the good old days where men used to fight to the death. If your pres playlist includes the likes of Phoebe Bridgers, Lizzie McAlpine, Conan Grey or Maisie Peters, this one is for you. Go and find yourself in the extensive history of Rome, and loosen up with a few Aperol Spritzes along the way.

2010s bangers: Malia

If you’re a 2010s bangers type of girl, you are probably the resident pres hoster of your friendship group. When the sun is out, you’re the first to dust off the garden chairs and set up a cute little party area while jamming to American Boy. Your pres give Mamma Mia energy, so Greece is the perfect place to go. Malia could be the holiday of your dreams, although, you’d probably have an equally fun time in the mirror room at Fever.

EDM/House: Ibiza

If you love to rave all night, this is an absolute classic. It may be overhyped, but you and the girls are sure to have a brilliant time up until 6am on the beaches of Ibiza. If you’re often found in the top-top room at TP, this is where you need to be. Not only is it a party central, it’s also a beautiful summer destination, so be sure to pack plenty of sun cream!

Rock/Metal: Berlin

If you’re into alternative tunes, Berlin will be the trip of your LIFE. Berlin has one of the coolest music scenes in Europe, and pretty much anything goes here – you could end up with some pretty messy memories. You might even take your chances getting into Berghain, but don’t hold your breath.

Pop Princesses: Croatia

Some may call you “basic”, but I call you correct babes! Hot girls love the Princesses of Pop: Taylor, Lana, and Ari, so go somewhere equally as fun and pretty as you are. Croatia is the perfect upgrade from Exmouth, with gorgeous sandy and pebbly beaches.

Sing along vibes: Barcelona

Do you treat pres like a personal karaoke session? Do you have Mariah on repeat? Best/worst of all, are you a musical theatre girly? While I recognise your impeccable taste, I humbly apologise to your housemates. Your group sound fun and loud, just like Barcelona!

P.S. you’d love Vaults karaoke night xo

90s tunes: Marrakech

Marrakech is for the cool kids, so if you dance to Nirvana and pretend you’re a 90s baby, this holiday destination is for you! Enjoy cool markets, visit stunning palaces and take a day trip to the Atlas Mountains. It’s almost as cool as Cavern.

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