Here are eight ways to make sure you’re the best dressed in EX4 this summer

No, linens aren’t mentioned on this list

The classic Exetah summer girl attire centres around linen trousers, pinstriped shirts, and white summer dresses. Despite this being the uniform, some diversity from Tom’s Trunks is severely needed. You can’t beat the classics, such as cowboy boots or a decent denim jacket, but what better time to spice up the wardrobe than when it’s 19 degrees in EX4? Whether it’s a trip to the Impy beer garden, or you’re already planning your outfit for Hijacked, it’s imperative you’re always looking your most fashionable. So, here’s how to take away from the burn you’ve picked up at Exmouth beach:

1. Yellow

Just as red was the colour of winter, yellow will be the colour of the summer. From a belt to a jumper, wearing yellow has the ability to energise any outfit and emphasise the tan (or burn).

2. Red gingham

Due to its timelessness and versatility, gingham always seems to be a print that is in, despite the danger of looking like a picnic blanket. The likes of Ganni and Anna Sui have confirmed this trend, however red is truly the way to go. This is perfect to diversify from the classic prints such as florals or polka dots.

3. Biker boots

This is an obvious one, with biker boots being popular since Mui Mui’s boot debuted in 2021. Cowboy boots don’t seem to be leaving anyone’s wardrobes any time soon – so the contrast of a chunky boot with a floaty skirt or dress will always add a bit of variety and make you stand out.

4. Double denim

Double denim does NOT mean taking inspiration from Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’s 2001 look. Since denim waistcoats are on the rise, pairing these with jeans is not such an aggressive fashion sin as one may assume. Even mismatching the tones of denim between jeans and a jacket is yet another vintage Y2K trend that has resurfaced.

5. Oversized t-shirts paired with maxi skirts

With jorts returning for another summer, dressing baggy for summer is always an option when the sundress isn’t calling your name. Just like with the biker boot trend, the contrast of a baggy t-shirt with a lace maxi skirt creates a look which fits within the popularised androgynous style.

6. Starfish jewellery

This might seem fairly niche, but starfish rings, necklaces and even earrings are cropping up all over the place. This is a trend that would only ever run in summer, however a starfish necklace paired with a tan and a summer dress is seeming to be very fashionable right now.

7. Micro shorts/hot pants

This mention isn’t so much inspiration for your next appearance at the Vic, but more so for events such as Hijacked. The boho festival vibe that was prominent at last month’s Coachella encompassed looks featuring hot pants with funky belts and boots. This is the MOVE for your shorts this summer, especially when the competition is jorts.

8. Beaded bags

This trend has definitely spawned as a result of Staud’s beaded bags. Beaded bags can add texture, colour and dimension to any outfit. This is a fun way to distinguish your summer wardrobe from your winter.

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