Here’s the 13 types of people you will meet at an Exeter Uni summer ball

6. The person in bare feet

Summer balls at uni are the epitome of the degree. Why else would we do work all year if we weren’t going to reward ourselves with a great night? Bottles of wine and beer on each table at Reed Hall, gorgeous dresses, and full faces of makeup and partying – what more could you want? Being at Exeter, we always add a little splash of “rah” by throwing on a pair of designer heels and matching vapes to dresses. Mummy would be so proud. Whether it is your first ball or the last of third year, here are some of the types of people you will most definitely bump into at a summer ball:

1. The Instagram girlies

These guys showed up an hour early to get the best photos outside of Reed Hall which they already organised their pres around. These are the best people to meet or go with to a ball because they will put everything on the line to get the best photos of the group and the solo shots for your Insta – I mean they enjoy every second of the moment and capture it through photography. Be warned though, these people will be constantly armed with their phone waiting to get candids, so they might completely expose you after you demolish all of the wine on the table. Stay safe out there!

2. The person that brought Crocs

These are the smartest of people. They rock up with a tote bag and you think: “Why have you got a tote bag?” By the end of the night, they are your hero. They took the photos with Miss Instagram and are now dancing without the pain of their six inch heels destroying their toes. Yeah, Instagram girl did video her for her story but Croc-girl is simply a quirky gal that is not like the rest of us.

3. The Met Gala

Utilising a uni ball like it is the Met Gala is such a slay. I am obsessed when people arrive in the most gorgeous and out-there dresses with the highest of heels. Serve or go home!

4. “I still have an essay due”

To be completely honest, there is a small line between respect and embarrassment surrounding this person. Yes, they still came out when their essay was due, but also please stop making it your personality! We all did the essay, you’re not special. There is respect though, because you did show up for the party and tried to prioritise properly. Maybe they thrive under pressure and this night is what’s going to inspire them to hand in their dissertation? They will either be the life of the party or we will tell you to shut up and stop reminding us of the world of academics.

5. The person who took it too far last night

“Let’s go out for just one drink, we won’t be hungover for the ball”, looking slightly dishevelled in a Serena from Gossip Girl sort of way, they arrive miraculously (to everyone’s surprise). Hyping themselves up at pres, and then being greeted with a welcome prosecco and six bottles of wine on the table never felt like so much of a smack to the face. They stumbled to the ball with a hangover and they’ll wake up with a cracking headache tomorrow.

6. The person in bare feet

As much as you are a free spirit and not like the rest of us, please just put some socks on or something x

7. The person that knows everyone

Please can we go and sit down, I don’t wanna take pics of you and your friends anymore.

8. The imposter

You don’t do this subject, what are you doing here?

9. The person from your seminar that you never spoke to

Something about a uni ball makes you talk to everyone who you have ever so much as glanced at in the past. You go over to them with that confidence that the Prosecco on arrival gave you and ask them to take photos for some unclear reason. These people are always such gems to bump into because where have they been all this time? Socialising at the end of the year so that you can do loads of fun things together in the final term is what it’s all about.

10. Miss blackout on arrival

In the toilet throwing up by 7pm – such a shame, you missed the chocolate torte, girl!

11. The person who got their dress from Vinted

Every Exeter girly uses Vinted, but only the strongest actually succeed and when they do succeed, God, it’s a smack in the face. You got that amazing design from Vinted for a fiver, are you kidding me? I can’t even sell my plain white t-shirts on there! These people have got their lives together and you can’t help but stare at them all evening.

12. The person that got their ticket on Overheard an hour before the event

I am so impressed by you, how did you do this?

13. The person dancing to Karma by Jojo Siwa on the dancefloor

Too niche?

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