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A look back in time at the cringey first Instagram posts of the Selling the OC cast

These pics are not what I expected

From the cringe captions to the crazy filters or the classic, but basic, peace and pout, first-ever Instagram posts have a magical way of being quite mortifying and the first posts from the Selling the OC cast are no different. So while reminiscing can be cute, surely we have all been there with the feeling of embarrassment.

With the recent release of Selling the OC season three, it seems only right to delve into each cast member’s first-ever Instagram posts and see whether they are selling it to us with these posts, just as good as they can sell million-dollar houses. Here’s a look back in time at some of the Selling the OC’S cast’s first-ever Instagram pics.

Alex Hall

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A post shared by Alex Hall (@alexhalloc)

With smiles all around, this pic is serving extremely cute beach vibes. The caption alongside this pic “I got it from my momma” reinforces how much of a family person Hall truly is. Alex Hall’s first-ever Instagram post is gorgeous.

Tyler Stanaland

Even though it has been announced that Tyler has recently left working for the OC, there is no way he was getting missed out. Tyler clearly loves the peace and pout and is giving us surfer dude vibes with this Instagram post.

Polly Brindle

As shown on the show, Polly is iconic and her first-ever Instagram post is very wholesome. This pic is a genuine throwback, being posted in 2012, and with the Hollywood sign in the background, it was inevitable that Polly was always going to make it on the screen.

Alexandra Jarvis

Austin’s first-ever Instagram post is a proper throwback to when he was younger. This picture is giving me model vibes with Austin alongside his broskies.

Gio Helou

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A post shared by Gio Helou (@giovannehelou)

On the show, Gio is constantly driven to maintain his title of being the best agent in the Oppenheim group and this pic does not disappoint. Gio has clearly always been one to flex his achievements.

Kayla Cardona

Kayla has become more confident in selling million-dollar houses and in season 3 she has proven that to all of us viewers and most importantly to herself. Her first-ever Insta post is showing us how strong she is and definitely not someone to ever mess with.

Brandi Marshall

This pic is giving me luxury with that stunning chandelier front and centre of Brandi’s first-ever Instagram pic. Shining boldly and beautifully, just as much as Brandi does on the show.

Alexandra Rose

It is clear to me that a lot of the OCs love pictures with such a nice view and Alexandra Rose’s first-ever Instagram pic proves it. This view is giving me Autumn and Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ vibes. It does surprise me how Rose has gone for such a serene picture because, on the show, she is always a part of the drama.

Sean Palmieri

Sean has been at the centre of the drama in season three and in his first-ever pic he is serving! It’s giving James Bond vibes.

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