Fans think they’ve found the secret reason Lady Danbury uses a cane in Bridgerton

It’s not just for her bad knees!

If you’re on your 13th rewatch of Bridgerton, you’re not alone and you’ve probably wondered why Lady Danbury always has a cane, even though she can bust out a lively country jig without it.

Typically, she’s a spectator on the dance floor, but at the end of season two, Lady Danbury hands her cane to someone and dances with Anthony Bridgerton.

Fans have various theories. Some think she might have bad knees, pointing to her comment to the Queen about bowing lower: “What with these knees?”

Bridgerton Lady Danbury cane

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But others are speculating that the cane is actually used as a symbol of her authority. One fan noted on Facebook: “In the books, she likes to thump it to make a point, to demand attention, and to injure the toes of people she doesn’t like or who cross her. I adore the book Lady Danbury. She is such a plotter.”

Lady Danbury is indeed a mastermind, and so is the actor playing her, Adjoa Andoh. In an interview with New African Magazine, Andoh revealed the thought behind Lady Danbury’s ever-present cane. She explained that Regency men of the period were rarely seen without a cane and hat. As a wealthy widow, Lady Danbury’s cane and hat symbolise the blend of masculine power within her feminine presence, reflecting her unique position in a society that restricted women’s freedom.

“For me, the fact that she’s a widow meant that I wanted her to embody some of the masculine within her feminine,” Adjoa explained, “So, I requested a hat. I love a hat!”

So, whether it’s a symbol of authority or a nod to Regency fashion, Lady Danbury’s cane is an integral part of her commanding presence in Bridgerton.

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