Here are six things to do in Exeter on those miserable ‘summer’ days

Because Exmouth in the rain just won’t cut it

We are almost half-way through the year, summer is just around the corner, and yet the weather is completely unpredictable. Just yesterday, I was laying on Exmouth beach with a bag-full of factor 30 sun-cream, bottles of water, and sunglasses. Now, whilst writing this article, I find myself disappointedly glaring at the full-blown storm outside of my window. Whilst Exeter students are completely used to the undependable British weather, it is always disappointing watching your “term three bucket list”, consisting of various trips to the beach and strolls by the Quay, slowly get destroyed. So, what else is there to do when the rain is a bit too consistent?

1. Pottery painting

Although more on the expensive side, pottery painting is the most perfect activity to brighten a dreary day! I always find that painting is an extremely relaxing and therapeutic activity, and easily makes a couple hours feel like mere minutes. In particular, Jolly Pottery in Exeter is super cute and ideal for a day out with your gal pals (just take into account that you may need to book in advance as they get busy quite quickly).

2. Movie nights

On the other hand, you may glance at the time and realise the day has been wasted away – all because of the stormy weather. Not all hope is lost! Movie nights, whether by yourself or with friends, are the most simple but perfect way to end a day; getting cosy with the sound of rain pattering against the window can be the most healing activity. Let your mind be free of any worries, get some snacks, and become immersed in a comfort film!

3. Bake-Off

If you’re feeling competitive, doing a bake-off with your friends can easily make the time fly by – and you get delicious food by the end of it! In this scenario, BBC Good Foods is your best friend (unless you’re a naturally talented at baking). Baking at home, for uni students, is defo the cheaper alternative to spending ridiculous amounts at the many restaurants scattered throughout the city. Get into groups and show your friends what you’ve got – just try not to burn the house down.

4. Cafe trips

Opposingly, if you’re not bothered to get baking, there are many affordable cafe’s scattered throughout Exeter that you can waste the day away in – a couple of my favourites include Zukis Caffetteria, Between Bread and Waterstones Cafe. Hopefully, it shouldn’t be too busy with a storm brewing; so, bring your laptop, book, or a friend and have a nice hot drink to soothe your soul.

5. Bowling

Alternatively, bowling is a super fun way to both bond with your friends and let the rain pass by. Tenpin, located near the Quay, is the perfect place to get competitive in Exeter! After a couple intense games, hopefully the rain will have passed and you can take a well-deserved stroll along the river.

6. Cinema

Come rain or shine, one of my favourite things to do when a new film has been released is to pop into the cinema to escape reality and watch my fave celebs on the big screen. If you fancy splashing the cash at Exeter’s Odeon or Vue cinemas, going to watch a movie is a classic way to shut yourself off from the rainy outside world.