Montana Jordan Young Sheldon baby name

Young Sheldon fans think Georgie Cooper’s real-life baby is named after his on-screen sister

This is SO adorable

Less than a week after finale of Young Sheldon aired, Montana Jordan, the actor who plays Georgie Cooper, announced the birth of his daughter with girlfriend Jenna Weeks, and fans think that the baby name of newborn is after one of Montana’s Young Sheldon co-stars.

Montana’s followers were quick to spot the similarities between the actor’s daughter’s middle name and the first name of his on-screen sister, Raegan Revord.

Montana plays the oldest Cooper child, Georgie, on the show, and his character had a daughter with his older girlfriend, Mandy in season six. Georgie was the older brother of Sheldon and Missy, played by Raegan.

The new dad shared a sweet post with his real-life baby girl on his Instagram, saying: “God has blessed me with a beautiful babygirl. Emma Rae Jordan, Momma and Daddy love you. Forever and always.”

Fans have speculated that the newborn’s middle name is a tribute to Raegan, as the spelling matches her first name.

“Is the middle name for @raeganrevord! ” one fan commented on Montana’s post, whilst another fan said: “@raeganrevord I heard the middle name was in honour of you, congratulations girl! Hope it’s true!”

Montana and his co-star Raegan are known to have a close relationship in real life, often sharing pictures together on their Instagrams. Montana has been involved in a lot of Raegan’s TikToks as they shared cute behind the scenes moments while filming, and Raegan shared a teary behind the scenes photo of the pair sharing an emotional hug at the end of filming.

In a comment on Montana’s post, Raegan said that she “can’t wait” to meet his daughter: “So so happy for you and Jenna and can’t wait to meet my niece!”

Montana hasn’t yet shared whether the middle name Rae was, in fact, a tribute to his on-screen sister but whether it’s intentional or not, we think it’s an adorable reminder of his time on the show!

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