The reason the vibe of Bridgerton season three is so different to previous seasons

It all makes sense now!

It’s been a week since part one of Bridgerton season three was released and fans have noticed something strange about this social season with many commenting that it looks and feels different to the earlier seasons.

Viewers have been pointing out the differences between this season and the earlier seasons of the show, with some fans arguing that Polin’s story feels too modernised and out of touch with the historical atmosphere that we fell in love with in season one and two, and now we know the reason why.

The differences that have been noticed are modern details like fake nails and glam makeup that feel like they don’t belong in a regency drama. Other viewers have also pointed out how some of the language feels too contemporary, and have said that the show feels “cheaper” despite its extraordinary budget. Well, there might be a good reason for all of these changes.

These alterations are most likely down to a change in show runner that happened between season two and season three.

The first two seasons of Bridgerton were created and produced by Chris Van Dusen, and he also held the role of show runner.

Now, the role of show runner has been given to Jess Brownell, who has worked on the show before and has writing credits for season one. She assisted Chris in earlier seasons, however this is her first story line working as the main show runner.


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The show runner is a crew member who is in charge of managing the creative vision of a show in its production. All creative decisions, including scripts, costumes and set designs are run by them, and they usually serve as the head writer as well.

So, when we see changes to costumes, or language used in the show (some fans have been baffled by the Featherington sisters shouting “I’m pregnant” where they previously would have said “I’m with child”) is most likely down to the changed creative decision of the show runner.

Jess and other cast and crew members have remained tight-lipped about the details of season four, so let’s hope it feels a little more faithful to the era than season three part one did!

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