This is Us Randall Jack graduation

Jack from This Is Us went to his on-screen son’s graduation and the pics are so cute!

The pair were also joined by Niles’ on-screen sister, Hannah Zeile

It’s been a very wholesome few days for the cast of This is Us, as Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack, went to the university graduation of his co-star and on-screen son Niles Fitch, Randall in the show.

Niles plays the teenage version of Randall, one of the three children of the family patriarch Jack, played by Milo. He’s all grown up now, and recently graduated from the University of Southern California – and two very special guests were seen at his graduation!

In a photo shared to Niles’ Instagram story, the graduate could be seen in his USC robes with his on-screen dad Milo and Hannah Zeile, who played his teenaged on-screen sister!

via @nilesfitch on Instagram

Milo played the father of the Pearson triplets, affectionately known as the Big Three, in This is Us from 2016 to 2022. The show portrayed the triplets from childhood into adulthood, and Niles played the teenage Randall, Jack Pearson’s adopted son, throughout the series.

Hannah Zeile had the role of Randall’s sister, Kate, in the series, and was also seen in attendance at Niles’ graduation with her Milo.

In the caption on his graduation post, Niles wrote “I did it, Dad,” in honour of his late father, who passed away from cancer when he was 12. Niles’ character goes through a similar loss in the show when his father dies in a house fire.

Niles has spoken in the past about how he related to his character Randall, because “everything that he was going through, I was going through in my actual life.”

Hannah commented on Niles’ graduation post saying she was “so proud” of her on-screen brother. She also shared a second photo of the trio smiling at the camera on Niles’ graduation to her Instagram story.

via @hannahzeilexo on Instagram

The This is Us cast seem as close as ever, with other cast members from the show sharing their congratulations for Niles in the comments of his graduation post.

His on-screen mother, Mandy Moore, shared a sweet comment showing her pride, saying “go Niles! Unbelievable. #proudfakemom”. Sterling K. Brown, who played the adult verson of Niles’ character, said “my dude!!! Way to go young man!!!!”

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Featured image via @hannahzeilexo on Instagram and NBC.